What Are Monument Signs and Do I Need One?

What Are Monument Signs and Do I Need One?

What Are Monument Signs and Do I Need One

Monument signs are useful and effective outdoor signs. But they are not equally useful in all scenarios. How can you figure out if your Houston-area business can benefit from a monument sign?


Monument signs are designed to boost the visibility of certain businesses in and around Houston, Texas.

The term “monument sign” sounds a bit grand and monument signs themselves are often quite impressive. There is, of course, a scale of cost depending on the size of the monument sign you want and the materials you want to use, but they can look as grand as you want them to look. But how do you know if you even want a monument sign? Monument signs are relatively large outdoor signs. Like all large outdoor signs, they increase a business’s visibility. However, monument signs are most effective in specific physical parameters.


Poll signs and roof signs can be made large enough to increase visibility in all directions. Electronic signs use illumination to boost visibility in the dark. Monument signs use a different tactic.

The ideal space for a monument sign is on a property where a business is housed in a building that is further inland, far away from the nearest street. For example, let’s imagine a bowling alley in Sugar Land, Texas. The bowling alley is located on a street in Sugar Land that is semi-busy with both pedestrians and motorists. But the alley has a parking lot, so it’s a good 80 feet from the street. At that distance, it’s not easy for pedestrians and especially drivers to make out what the business is.


However, if this Sugar Land bowling alley were to install a monument sign in its parking lot, all of a sudden it becomes much more visible to passersby. People won’t have to strain their eyes to make out what business sits on that property. A good monument sign should always be double-sided, so people can see what it is coming from either direction. Businesses that have a similar physical setup to that of this theoretical Sugar Land bowling alley have seen significant increases in business by adding a monument sign.


One subcategory of the monument sign is the tenant sign.

If we imagine that this Sugar Land bowling alley is one of several businesses on this property, we can see the use for a tenant sign. A tenant sign is a monument sign that includes space to list several different businesses. Tenant signs are common sights on malls, strip malls, and similar properties throughout the Houston area of Texas.

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