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Sign PermittingSign permitting is very important. Let’s say you operate a restaurant off of Interstate 69 in Sugar Land and you want a pole sign to identify and promote your restaurant to motorists passing by. You want a really tall pole sign with a large night lit cabinet sign to capture people’s attention.


You will need a sign studio who can not only design, manufacture, and install the sign, but they must also understand and acquire the necessary permits.  The last thing you want is to have an expensive sign installed, only to find out the local city or town did not approve it, or it is against city code.  The cost to negotiate with the city, possibly remove or modify the sign will be is something you do not want to become involved in.


This is why you need to hire a sign shop that can do all of this for you and at Houston Graphic Signs, we can design your sign precisely to your specifications, manufacture what you need, acquire the proper permitting (which is sometimes not an easy or quick task with some city councils), and provide the installation. It may seem like a reasonably straight forward process, but the ability to get permits for some installations have to consider the underground utilities regarding the necessary depth for the sign.  This can change the location, size, height, and type of sign that can be displayed.  The local by-laws in that area of Sugar Land or Missouri City permitting may require a change, and if your sign is already created before your permit is finally approved, you are now stuck with a great sign that you cannot install.


That is why sign permitting is critically important. You need to know if you can use your ideal sign in its ideal spot. There are a lot of laws and regulations that involve sign permitting, especially when it pertains to large outdoor signs. You can’t possibly be expected to know all the relevant information about sign permitting. However, at Houston Graphic Signs, we know what it takes, and if we don’t, we’ll find out how to get your sign approved.


At Houston Graphic Signs, we research the relevant by-laws and apply for the right sign permits to make sure that you can use your dream sign how and where you want. We also make sure that all your signage is ADA compliant. To learn more about sign permitting in the Greater Houston Area, please contact us so we can go to work for you.


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