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Office Signage

Office SignsOffice signage is kind of like offices themselves: they’re not always exciting but are necessary. You need people to be able to navigate your office, whether it’s their first day there or the 300th day. Offices that are easy to navigate, allow for more productivity. There are a million different ergonomic and productivity-increasing theories out there about how you should layout an office. However, whichever design you choose for your office layout, you’re still going to need signage.


Uses for Office Signage

Common examples of office signage include:

  • A sign to name the business, with a logo and a company motto
  • A “Visitors Must Report to the Office/Reception” sign
  • Restroom signs
  • Break Room signs
  • Exam room signs
  • Conference room signs
  • Photocopier room signs
  • Department signs, eg. accounting, logistics, human resources, etc.
  • Elevator signs
  • Stairwell signs
  • Entrance and Exit signs
  • Name and room name and number plates on or beside doors
  • Window graphics on a conference room window or the like
  • A reception desk sign
  • A code of conduct sign
  • No smoking signs
  • The Possibilities are Endless!

Office signage should be able to subtly communicate facets of your business’s personality with your use of materials, fonts, and colors. Whatever you do, your office signage should be uniform and ADA compliant. The exception to the uniformity rule would be any sign that identifies and promotes the business, which should be bigger and bolder.


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