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Building Signage

Building SignageBuilding signage is a term for any sign that appears on a building. Most often, the signs’ purpose is to identify the building, the business or businesses within the building, various wings or halls in the building, and other useful information. Building signage can also provide directions, instructions, and communicate marketing and branding. Brand identification is vital for any business, and building signage can inform people that a building is part of a larger complex of structures such as a medical center. Building signage can also indicate who owns the buildings.


Building Signs for Advertisement in Houston, TX

Building signage is critical to tell individuals they have arrived at the right location.  With all the high rise buildings in Houston, it is easy to get lost and become confused if you have arrived at the correct place even with today’s GPS mapping systems.  Without your name on the building or on the marquee out front, many people will be unsure if they have arrived at the correct location.  Make getting to your building and location easy with a building sign from Houston Graphic Signs.


To look professional, however, you must ensure that all your building signs all look the same. If you have multiple building locations and they use different fonts, different color schemes, and are made from different materials, then you are going to confuse your customers. Building signage looks and works best when all the related buildings signs are made of similar materials and use the same font and color scheme. This ensures that your building signage represents your brand strongly and clearly.


Exterior Building Signage

In addition to an exterior building sign, wayfinding is also an essential function of building signage. Wayfinding signage helps guests navigate a building, campus, or office block easily.  Think of an information kiosk in a mall; this is a wayfinder map. It enables you to find the way to the retail store you are looking for. The test to determine if you have proper building signage and wayfinder signage is if your guest never gets lost when they arrive the first time.


Houston Graphic Signs for Your Building Signage Needs in Houston, TX

So if you have a building in the Houston and your customers or guest often get lost looking for your location, contact Houston Graphic Signs for a building and wayfinder consultation.  We will evaluate your location and provide you with solutions for your building to stand out and get noticed.