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Corporate RebrandingIn Houston, corporate rebrandings are a reoccurring activity and can prove crucially advantageous to a business’s fortunes when done timely after an acquisition or merger.  However, business rebranding is not a simple task or activity. Like most things in business, a successful corporate rebranding takes a lot of work and can cause more than a few headaches. Of all the facets of a rebrand to consider, one significant factor to think about is signage; but too few businesses recognize the task of a successful rebranding strategy. When they realize they need a plan, they use their marketing or communication teams. Typically, companies do not have the internal experience and understanding of the process of a rebranding methodology to be successful and accomplish this promptly.


Ultimately, the potential rewards of corporate rebranding typically far outstrip the costs of replacing your signage. Nevertheless, you can’t try to skimp on how much you spend on your signage. Corporations that fail to budget out the costs of their rebrand correctly might end up slashing their signage budget halfway through. What you can end up with are bad looking signs that reflect poorly on your company.  Alternatively, worse still, they just don’t update their signage and old business names or logos.


Working with a local sign studio can ensure that your corporate rebranding comes with the best and most cost-effective signage you can buy locally. We can manage this process for your nationwide organization.  Houston Graphic Signs is part of a group of individually owned sign shops nationwide that can provide you with the same rebranding process and experience across the country.


So whether you’re an international corporation based in downtown Houston, or a smaller company along the Energy Corridor, Midtown, or in the Galleria area, we can manage your entire rebranding process nationwide.  This not only includes updating your old signage but also includes replacing fleet graphics and lettering using your branding guidelines to ensure your organization has the same look and brand image nationwide.  If your organization requires a rebranding expert, contact Houston Graphic Signs today.  We will do all of the work for you with our proven process of ensuring your organization is rebranded as quickly and professionally using our network of nationwide sign experts.


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