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Lobby Signage

Lobby SignageThe lobby is the first room that a person sees when they enter a building. In this way, the lobby is the first impression a business or building gets to leave on somebody, not including the building’s exterior. Because you never get a second chance at a first impression, the aesthetics of your lobby is critical. This means your floor tiles are important, your furniture is important, your wall color is important, cleanliness is important, lighting is important, and on and on. Essentially there is one aspect of your lobby’s aesthetics that also serves an important function: lobby signage.


How Can I Use Lobby Signage?

Lobby signage is essential for the obvious reason that it is communicating necessary information, but it is also crucial in the way that it looks. You want your lobby signage to be well-made, well-placed, and easily read. This is true of all signage, but lobby signage should also communicate something about your business like your brand or values. Clean lines and a basic font can demonstrate professionalism and a minimalist look can convey simplicity and forthrightness. You can also use a range of colors to convey creativity or even fun. Whatever you decide, all your lobby signage should have a uniform look and should comply with ADA laws.


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If you want lobby signage for the lobby of your hotel , your condominium building , or your office building in Houston, please contact Houston Graphic Signs. We can design, manufacture, and install the perfect lobby signage in the Greater Houston Area.