Cabinet and Panel Signs

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Cabinet and Panel Signs

cabinet and panel signs in Houston TX

What are Cabinet and Panel Signs?

Cabinet signs (sometimes called box signs) are a type of illuminated sign. The “cabinet” is the name for the box that houses the light fixture. The panel is the sign face that sits in front of the lighting fixture.


Uses for Cabinet and Panel Signs

Cabinet and panel signs are effective commercial tools. If you manage a retail store in Houston, TX, you can promote and identify your store with a cabinet and panel sign that can be seen in all weather conditions. Cabinet and panel signs can also be made quite large, so if you manage a restaurant in Houston, TX, that’s near a highway, you can use a large-scale cabinet and panel sign that will be visible to drivers at a distance.


Types of Cabinet and Panel Signs

The light source is placed within the cabinet and it illuminates the panel from behind. In terms of design and materials, you have several options, such as Flex Face, Cooley Brite, and Lexan. Cabinet signs generally have a rectangular panel, but this doesn’t have to be the case.


Why Choose Us for Your Cabinet and Panel Signs in Houston?

At Houston Graphic Signs, we can advise you throughout the entire sign-making process. We can recommend which colors work best to promote your Houston store as well as how big your cabinet and panel sign will need to be to make your Houston restaurant visible from a mile away.


Benefits of Choosing Us for Your Cabinet and Panel Signs in Houston

We can also install and wire the cabinet and panel sign you need in Houston, or elsewhere in Texas. To learn more, please get in touch with us today either through our website or by calling us at 713-244-8704.