4 Uses for Channel Letters

4 Uses for Channel Letters

Top 4 Uses for Channel Letters - Houston Graphic Sign

Channel letters are a popular choice of sign for Houston-area businesses to identify and promote themselves. This article will look at four ways you can use channel letters.


1. The most common use of channel letters in and around Houston, Texas, is to identify businesses.

Channel letters have two major qualities: they’re illuminated and they’re three-dimensional. The benefits of illumination are easy to understand. A lighted sign is significantly more visible than an unlighted one. In the Houston area of Texas, we’re lucky to not be troubled by snow very often, but it still rains here. And most businesses in the Houston area need their signage to be seen in rain and at night. The only effective way to achieve this is by illuminating your sign.


2. The illumination of a channel letter sign boosts its visibility. But its shape and structure allow for a channel letter sign to be an effective promotional tool.

Beyond illumination, the shape of channel letters makes them more eye-catching. Two-dimensional planes are adequate for many signs, but by utilizing the third dimension, channel letters can convey more character. The added depth of field allows sign designers to impart more boldness, creativity, or whatever characteristic of your Houston business’s brand that you want to emphasize with your channel letter sign. If all you cared about was identifying your Houston business, you could simply commission a giant sign with nondescript font. But a channel letter sign doesn’t merely identify your business, it promotes it as well, making it look more attractive and interesting.


3. Channel letters don’t have to be used to identify your Houston business; they act as great supplemental signage, too.

Sometimes channel letter signs are not the most appropriate choice to be the main identifier of your Houston business. While they can be quite large, channel letters rarely reach the sizes that some pole signs and roof signs can reach. But even if your business needs a very large outdoor sign, a channel letter sign is still useful as supplemental promotional/branding signage.


4. While mostly used outdoors, channel letter signs can be used indoors as well.

For Houston businesses with large, open indoors spaces (such as a lobby), a channel letter sign can be used to brand the space and promote your business. Just keep in mind that channel letter signs require wiring, either using a wireway or raceway, so you should consult a signage expert from a sign company before choosing a location to install your channel letter sign.

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