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If you’re not familiar with the term “monument sign,” you might think it is rather grand. The term denotes an exceptional and impressive type of sign. Monument signs are not signs made for monuments, and it’s not a sign that points you toward the San Jacinto Monument. A monument sign is a type of permanent sign that often serves a similar function to a building sign: it identifies a building or business. However, monument signs are not attached to the exterior wall of a building, they are freestanding signs further away from the building on the property.


Brand Your Business with Class Using Monument Signs in Houston, TX

Monument signs are typically used when a building or business is recessed from its closest major street. For example, malls and minimalls often have a parking lot in between the mall itself and the main road or highway. To identify the building to passersby, you need a sign closer to the street; hence, a monument sign. Monument signs can look very impressive or can be quite economical; it depends on the materials you use. Popular materials for monument signs include stone, brick, concrete, wood, and even styrofoam covered with stucco. A larger monument sign that identifies numerous businesses within a building is sometimes known as a tenant sign.


Houston Graphic Signs for Your Monument Signs Needs in Houston, TX

Houston Graphic Signs can design the perfect monument sign for your company.  From large buildings that require a freestanding monument sign along the Energy Corridor, to satellite secondary education buildings, to a strip mall in Houston, we can handle all your monument sign needs, so please contact us today.