A-Frame Signs

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A-Frame Signs

A-frame signs are a common site on the sidewalks of around Houston. However, A-frame signs can also be useful for displays at trade shows, to highlight special sales displays in retail stores, for use at church, for school fairs, and several other events and settings. A-frame signs get their name from their shape; when looked at from the side, the frames of these signs resemble a capital “A.”


Uses of A-Frame Signs

An A-frame sign can display any type of information you want. It can look professional and straightforward, it can be colorful and creative, or it can be fun and cheeky. A-frame signs are commonly used by restaurants, bars, pubs, cafés, dessert parlors, and lots of other eating establishments, but they can work for pretty much any kind of business.


Types of A-Frame Signs

A-frame signs are inexpensive and straightforward but still highly effective. An A-frame sign has the benefit of having two panels that face in opposite directions. This way, people walking from either direction can see your sign. You can double up and have the same message on each panel, or you can have a different message on each side, or you can even have a chalkboard or whiteboard backing on one or both panels.  You can write a different sign every day if you want.


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