Construction Hoarding

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Construction Hoarding

Construction HoardingConstruction in Houston is a year-round event. It’s one of those things that happen all across the Houston.  One essential tool in keeping people safe and inconvenienced as little as possible during construction is the use of construction hoarding. Construction hoardings are the mesh fencing that restricts the visibility of the project work that is happening behind the mesh fence.  Construction Hoarding fencing is useful for keeping people out of potentially dangerous construction sites as well as keeping dust and dirt from spreading.


Why Choose Us for Construction Signs in Houston, TX

Construction hoardings also present an excellent surface for signage. Whether you’re the construction company itself or the business or organization that has commissioned the construction, you should take advantage of all that surface area on the construction hoardings.


For construction companies, you should place your sign with your company name, logo, and any slogan you may have on your construction hoarding. Use at least one sign for every different direction your hoardings face. Construction hoardings also present great places to install safety messages for both passersby and the construction workers.


For businesses who commission construction, you should also use the space on the hoardings for signage. One popular form of graphic to install on a construction hoarding is a rendering of an artist’s conception of what the finished project will look like. Even an apologetic, “Please Excuse the Inconvenience” sign is a nice touch for the surrounding area.


Houston Graphic Signs for Your Construction Hoarding Needs in Houston, TX

If you’re a construction company in the Houston or if you are commissioning a construction job in Houston, or anywhere nearby, please contact Houston Graphic Signs for a top quality construction hoarding sign that will be a welcome sight during the construction.