Movie Set Signage

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Movie Set Signage

Movie Set SignageWhen you’re involved in filming a movie or making a commercial, there are a hundred factors to consider. You have to think about the setting, location, camera positions, and lighting. Making sure all these details and many more items take time and attention to detail.  One of the primary elements to consider is the correct time or period era signs and graphics.  That’s why you should work with a respected sign and graphics studio in the Greater Houston Area to design and manufacture all the movie set signage you need.


Uses of Movie Set Signage

Movie sets can become like their own little cities. There’s a surprising amount of infrastructure that goes into making a movie. Signage plays a significant role in creating the proper setting and atmosphere. Movie sets can be quite complex and even chaotic, so you need a reliable sign company that can deliver movie set signage to help everybody navigate it properly. Some common types of movie set signage include:

  • Set Design Signs
  • Period Correct Graphics
  • Clapperboards
  • This Way to Set
  • Authorized Cast and Crew Only
  • Closed Set
  • Crew Parking
  • The Possibilities are Endless!

You might also need to get custom made era signs to appear in your film. Your local sign and graphics studio in Houston can also handle this.


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Houston Graphic Signs will be happy to make all the movie set signage you need, whether you’re filming a major motion film, a public access program, or a commercial in Houston. To request a quote on movie set signage, please contact us today.