Pole Signs

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Pole Signs

Pole Signs Pole signs are large, tall exterior signs that are often bold, colorful, and eye-catching. Pole signs serve both to identify a business as well as promote it, usually with the business’s logo. Although the term “pole sign” means any sign on a pole might technically qualify, we often mean something more specific when we say “pole sign.” It is usually a very tall pole –often taller than 10 feet, perhaps as tall as 60 feet, — with a large cabinet sign on top.


Marketing with Pole Signs Has Never Been This Easy

Many businesses can use pole signs, but you probably see the highest concentration of pole signs near highways. Fast food restaurants, sit-down restaurants, gas stations, theme parks, and other attractions all use pole signs in significant numbers. The idea is to have a pole sign big and outstanding enough so that drivers passing by can see the pole sign from quite a distance. Because pole signs are so large, they will cost more than smaller signs. However, by situating them near busy roads, pole signs can generate hundreds, if not thousands, of impressions every hour.


Major Branding With Pole Signs in Houston, TX

Pole signs aren’t just about being big.  It would be best if you had a well-designed pole sign. If you already have your logo designed, you at least need a sign studio who can manufacture it correctly to last many years. Houston Graphic Signs can create and produce high-quality pole signs for businesses all over the Houston. So if you run a restaurant along I-45 , a gas station along I-10, or need a pole sign for anywhere else in or near Houston, please contact Houston Graphic Signs.