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Roof Signs

Roof SignsSo much about signage is getting noticed. No matter how well-designed your sign is, how vivid the colors, how witty your slogan, it won’t matter at all if people can’t see it. That’s why height is such an advantage, especially outdoors. One common solution to this problem is the pole sign: a big sign panel on a very tall pole. Post and panel signs and monument signs can also be used to achieve height, and all of these signs are great in the right scenario. However, sometimes we overlook a prominent place to install our sign so that it is elevated above all else, the roof.


Why Choose Roof Signs

Every building has a roof, and the roof is always high up off the ground, so sometimes it makes sense to just put your sign on your roof as opposed to a tall pole, post, or structure. Because roofs are much wider than any pole, roof signs can also be more prominent and larger. Roof signs can also be illuminated reasonably easy because there’s usually space on your roof for all the electricity and wiring.


However, roof installation is far from simple. You need to have the right structure, bracketing, and fasteners to ensure that your roof sign is situated securely and adequately. The last thing you can risk is a part of your Spring Branch, or Willow Brook restaurant’s roof sign become loose or unsecured from its mounting points.  That is why you want to call the professionals at Houston Graphic Signs who understand the permitting and mounting methods required to make your roof sign shine for years.


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