How to Handle Sign Installation in Houston, TX

How to Handle Sign Installation in Houston, TX

How to Handle Sign Installation in Houston, TX

Sign installation is an integral service that all sign companies should offer. If you’re located in or near Houston, Texas, you need to work with a local sign company who offers sign installation services.


Why Do Houston Businesses Need Sign Installation?

It’s true that not all signs need to be installed by a professional. If you have had some vinyl letters or decals made up for you, you can easily install them on your Houston-business’s wall or shop window. Keep in mind, though, you could still benefit from an expert’s advice regarding placement. The same is true for banners. Some are easy enough to install on your own, but you might not know the best place to put them. Signage experts at a Houston sign company can give you advice on where to place your signs to maximize visibility and generate more impressions.


The true value of sign installation can be seen when you commission a large or more complex sign.

A Houston sign company can help business owners in the Houston area install large-scale signage that would otherwise be impossible to do on their own. For example, a fitness center off Interstate 610 in Bellaire, just outside of Houston, could benefit from installing a monument sign so commuters notice their business going in and out of the city. But monument signs can be huge; you need professionals to handle that job.

A Houston sign company that offers sign installation can not only design and manufacture your monument sign, but install it just where you want it, too. And this goes for all manner of large-scale signs, including pole signs, roof signs, church signs, and other large outdoor signs. But physical sign installation is not all that this Bellaire fitness center nor other businesses in the Houston area should consider.


Sign installation services go beyond physically installing signs. For example, do you know all the Houston requirements for a legal?

Sign installation is crucial to getting your sign installed on your Houston property. But sign companies can and should do more. As part of their sign installation services, a good sign company will check to see if your proposed sign would be in violation of any Houston bylaws or bylaws of other jurisdictions in the Houston area. They should also help you apply for any necessary permits. Lastly, business owners in Houston, Bellaire, and elsewhere in Texas need to consider the Americans with Disabilities Act. A Houston sign company can inform you which signs need to be ADA compliant and how you can achieve that.


Houston Graphic Signs offers all these sign installation services and more.

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