5 Types of Lobby Signs

5 Types of Lobby Signs

5 Types of Lobby Signs - Houston Graphic Signs

1. Engraved Signs

Using Engraved Signs is a great way to make any lobby look professional and classy. There are various places in the lobby where signs are necessary for any business.

  • Entrance and exit signs
  • Signs pointing to the reference desk, stairwell, and or elevator
  • Restroom signs
  • Commercial signs brand the lobby as belonging to your business

If you are looking to bring a professional and trustworthy atmosphere to your lobby, consider engraved signs. Engraving your lobby signs with text can communicate that your business is sophisticated, responsible, and enduring.

2. LED Signs

LED Signs are a great way to display multiple images and text to impress your visitors. If you want your clients to be wowed the instant they walk into your lobby, you should consider investing in an LED sign. LED lights are the most cost-effective and allow for displaying different and changeable information.

3. Ceiling Signs

Installing ceiling signs are powerful branding tools that can be added to any lobby. Every lobby needs a powerful commercial sign. If your lobby has large and unobstructed ceilings, consider a ceiling sign to display the company’s name, slogan, and logo of your business. In some instances, you can even use ceiling signs as wayfinding.

4. Floor Graphics

Floor Graphics are an excellent alternative for lobbies with ceilings that are not suitable for signs. Floor Graphics are best placed on flat surfaces. Floor Graphics are an excellent placement at the entrance of the lobby or any large space to promote your business. Houston Graphic Signs can make your Floor Graphic resistant to scratches, scuffs, and any similar damage.

5. Health Protocol Signs

Health Protocol Signs are a great way to communicate new rules and protocols in your lobby. Floor Graphics can be used to promote social distancing in your lobby. Stand-alone signs and retractable banners are great ways to state your company’s health standard policy. A standing or hanging sneeze guard will protect employees and customers at workstations or checkout areas. Offered in clear or logo custom printed options are available. A social distancing chair cover communicates necessary protocols that you have in place. Your customers will feel guided and comfortable in your business.

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