How Realtors Can Boost Business With The Right Signage

How Realtors Can Boost Business With The Right Signage

How Realtors Can Boost Business With The Right Signage

Perhaps no other profession is as reliant on one type of sign as realtors are on real estate signs, so it’s vital to get the right ones to boost your business.

Real estate signs

The real estate market is booming right now. The Houston area of Texas, and seemingly the whole country—if not the world—has seen an increase in property values. This means people are competing fiercely to buy homes. This means there’s lots of potential money and success for realtors, but also a lot of competition. Real estate agents need just the right marketing, promotion, and branding to really succeed in a market like Houston.


What realtor can succeed without real estate signs? These are often panel signs affixed to a metal frame and installed into the lawns of properties for sale. There are other types of real estate signs that are available, though.

Different types of real estate signs

  • Directional coroplast signs with metal H stakes
  • A-frame signs to advertise an “open house” getting potential buyers’ attention
  • Metal realtor frames with riders and panels
  • PVC single arm post with a hanging panel and riders
  • Cut vinyl applied to windows where an outdoor sign is not possible
  • Customized mesh banner for construction fencing
  • Post & Panel sign for commercial property

What to put on your real estate sign?

There are few key things that have to go on your real estate sign. There’s your name, the real estate brokerage of which you’re a member or own, and contact information, such as a phone number and/or a website address. The words “For Sale” are also helpful. Some realtors also choose to include a professional photo of themselves on their sign.


It’s important that your real estate signs are alike. If you want to change your branding color from red to blue, then you have better replace all your red real estate signs. It’s also wise to order several “SOLD” panels you can affix to your real estate signs. This not only tells people that the property is no longer available, it also lets them know that you’re the one who brokered the sale.

Work with Houston Graphic Signs to boost your real estate business.

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