“Is There A Sign Shop Near Me?”, “Where Can I Get Design Services?”, And Other Sign And Graphics FAQs

“Is There A Sign Shop Near Me?”, “Where Can I Get Design Services?”, And Other Sign And Graphics FAQs

Whether you’ve been searching, “What is a sign permit?”, “Is there a sign shop near me?”, “What’s an ADA sign?”, or anything similar, this article is for you.

“Is There A Sign Shop Near Me In Houston, TX?”

There is a sign shop near you! Houston Graphic Signs is proud to provide sign design, manufacturing, installation, and repair services to clients living anywhere in the Houston area of Texas. From Mission Bend to Mason Park, and all points in between, we can make and install the sign you need.

“What’s The Difference Between 3D Lettering And A Channel Letter Sign?”

Both 3D lettering and channel letters consist of three-dimensional, individually crafted letters. You can use these letters to spell out the name of your business to identify it and brand the space around it. The only difference between these two types of signs is that channel letters are illuminated. Lighted signs can be seen from further away and at night and in the rain. If your business is consistently open after sunset, consider using channel letters.

“Where Can I Get Design Services?”

Houston Graphic Signs doesn’t just make and install signs, we do all sorts of graphic design. Whether you want one sign designed, a complete rebrand of all your signage, or an updated logo, we can do it. From redrawing a logo to sign design, you can trust Houston Graphic Signs for all your graphic design needs.

“What’s A Sign Permit?”

Some signs need permission to be installed. This may seem odd at first but consider that these permits typically only apply to large outdoor signs, and sometimes bright, lighted outdoor signs. Such signs can affect your neighbor’s property, distract drivers, and interfere with infrastructure such as power lines and water pipes. That’s why it’s important to get the right permit for your sign from the relevant municipal government or zoning board. Houston Graphic Signs can help you with the whole sign permittance process.

“What’s An ADA Sign?”

An ADA sign is one that complies with all relevant federal and Texas state Americans with Disability Act regulations. Certain signs have to be readable to everybody, regardless of their eyesight. ADA compliant signs have braille and sometimes they need to have large font and avoid certain color combinations that might make the text more difficult to read.

Houston Graphic Signs Is The Sign Shop Near You In Houston, TX.

There’s no need to keep searching for sign design services near you. Just contact Houston Graphic Signs! We offer all the services mentioned in this article and more. To learn more, please contact us via our website or call 713-244-8704.


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