How To Craft The Perfect Real Estate Sign

How To Craft The Perfect Real Estate Sign

How To Craft The Perfect Real Estate Sign

Real estate signs are hugely important to the success of realtors and real estate companies. But how do you craft the perfect real estate sign for your business?

Real Estate Signs

Perhaps no industry is more reliant on signage for its marketing than real estate. Sure, realtors might purchase ad space on a billboard or run a local radio commercial, but for just about every realtor out there, the key to their entire marketing strategy is their real estate sign. Real estate signs let people know which properties are for sale, when they’ve been sold, and—crucially—who is selling or has sold them, i.e., the realtor.

What do real estate signs look like?

The most common type of real estate sign is a yard sign. The sign panel is held in place by a hanging sign post or a metal frame with 1 or 2 rider slots. The rider sign panel typically says either “For Sale” or “Sold”, along with a realtor’s name and perhaps their photo, phone number, and/or website address. Commercial properties can be trickier. A commercial space in Midtown Houston is unlikely to have a yard, so a panel sign, a banner, a window graphic, or an A-frame sign could be your best option here.

The best real estate signs are customized to the realtor or the property.

If you’re a real estate agent, what kind of properties do you help get bought and sold? Do you help families find an affordable first home? Do you specialize in selling luxury properties? Do you mainly work in the commercial field? The kinds of properties you sell should influence what your real estate sign looks like. If you don’t specialize in one type of property, then it might help to have a few different types of real estate signs.

What are your real estate sign options?

Real estate options are endless. You can purchase budget friendly or for a specific event or property. The most popular sign products are metal frames, portable hanging sign posts, open house directional signs, feather flags and A-frame sigs. For larger commercial properties you may use a panel sign or a post and panel sign. Whatever you choose, you want the sign itself to be designed by skilled professionals.

Work with Houston Graphic Signs to create the perfect real estate sign for your business.

Houston Graphic Signs can make any type of real estate sign you want. We have skilled designers who can work with you on the aesthetics and we only use high-quality materials. To learn more, please contact us via our website or call 713-244-8704.


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