Drive Sales And Stand Out: Order Custom Building Signage In Houston, TX

Drive Sales And Stand Out: Order Custom Building Signage In Houston, TX

Drive Sales And Stand Out: Order Custom Building Signage In Houston, TX

Today’s post reviews result from sign studies and local storefronts to highlight how custom building signage helps brands drive sales and stand out.


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Drive Sales With Custom Building Signage In Houston, TX

If you’re looking for ways to boost your bottom-line, consider investing in your building signage.


In one study by the Signage Foundation, titled “The Economic Value of On-Premise Signs,” researchers studied 162 fast-food chain locations to measure the impact that building signage had on sales.


At the end of their report, after controlling for other variables, the research team concluded that new building signage increased sales revenue by 5-15%, which was “greater than the increases brought on by a larger building, longer hours, or longevity at the location, combined”  (Rexhausen et al., 2012, p. 5).


When you consider that the average building sign lasts 5-10 years with proper design, installation, and upkeep, building signage may be the most cost-effective tool in your marketing systems, generating a greater return on investment than any other advertising medium, without any recurring billboard rental fees required.


If you’re ready to drive sales with eye-catching building signage, HGS is standing by! Our team has helped plenty of Houston businesses drive sales and look their best, and we can do the same for you.

Drive Sales and Stand Out: Order Custom Building Signage in Houston, TX

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Eliminate Costly Wayfinding Errors With Custom Building Signage

In a review of questionnaire research surveying more than 100,000 US consumers, James Kellaris (2012) found that more than 60.8% participants had “driven by and failed to find a business because the signage was too small or unclear.”


These are critical wayfinding failures costing businesses serious money. Not only did these building signs fail to grab the eyes of new viewers, but they were not even conspicuous enough to be found by people who were actively looking for them! Each of these wayfinding fails represents lost sales and wasted ad dollars, as you won’t be able to capitalize on successful ads if nobody can find your business.


If you suspect wayfinding fails could be costing you sales, Houston Graphic Signs is here to help. We carry a huge selection of building signage that’s tough to ignore and impossible to miss, and our in-house design team will help you crank up the contrast and conspicuity to put your wayfinding worries to rest.

Drive Sales and Stand Out: Order Custom Building Signage in Houston, TX

High-contrast color combinations, like black-on-white and red-on-white, ensure your building signage gets spotted. Get in touch to see more of our portfolio.

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