7 Examples Of Building Signage

7 Examples Of Building Signage

7 Examples Of Building Signage

You can find countless examples of building signage all over the Houston area of Texas, but here are seven that you should consider for your building.

1. Roof Signs

A building sign identifies the building on which it is installed. For buildings with flat roofs, and which aren’t too tall, roof signs can be very effective at this. A tall roof sign can make your building noticeable for miles around.

2. Window Signage

Window signage is the only example of building signage on this list that is technically indoors. Vinyl window lettering and graphics are applied to the inside of front windows, but they face outward, so they function as outdoor signs. For retail or services businesses with shopwindows, window signage is a great building signage option.

3. Channel Letters

Channel letters are three-dimensional, illuminated letters. Because each three-dimensional letter is individually crafted, the font you choose can really communicate a sense of style and character. Moreover, because they are lighted, channel letters can be seen from far away, as well as at night and in the rain.

4. Cabinet And Panel Signs

Cabinet and panel signs are also lighted. The panel is only two-dimensional, but these signs have some advantages over channel letters. First, they’re better for displaying logos and graphics, as opposed to just text. Second, if you ever need to change your sign, either because of a rebrand, name change, or other necessary alteration, you don’t need to pay for a whole new sign. You can just have a new panel designed and swap it in for the old one.

5. LED Signs

The last of our lighted signs is the LED sign. These signs use boards filled with light-emitting diodes that can be illuminated in different sequences. These signs have all the benefits of illumination, and they can also mimic movement by lighting up LEDs in different patterns. They can scroll through different pages of text, as well. LED signs can be installed on buildings or as part of monument or pole signs.

6. Monument Signs

A monument sign is a large standalone sign that is typically installed by the road. Businesses that have large parking lots or lawns between them and the nearest road can be hard to notice from that road. A monument sign installed right next to the road makes them much easier to spot.

7. Pole Signs

A pole sign serves the same purpose as a monument sign, except pole signs tend to be much taller.

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