Work With A Signage Specialist In Houston, TX: Let Us Do All The Work

Work With A Signage Specialist In Houston, TX: Let Us Do All The Work

Work With A Signage Specialist In Houston, TX: Let Us Do All The Work

Without the help of an experienced signage specialist, creating professional-grade marketing materials is a surprisingly difficult and labor-intensive process.


While you can settle for simple home-printed or hand-written signs, research by the Interdisciplinary Journal of Signage and Wayfinding shows that this kind of “makeshift marketing” can do more harm than good, greatly lowering consumer confidence in your brand and creating a sense of “uncertainty.” Homemade signs may also violate the aesthetic standards of your local sign code, especially if you’re operating in an historical or commercial district.

Work with a Signage Specialist in Houston, TX: Let Us Do All the Work

Alternatively, plenty of online retailers will be happy to sell you a more professional-looking sign, but ordering online isn’t ideal, as you’ll still be responsible for the graphic design, installation/site selection, and, in the case of illuminated signs, the electrification, all of which must be done according to your landlord’s rules and the requirements of your local sign code.


Fortunately, there’s a better way: just contact our signage specialists in Houston, TX and let us do all the work! We’ve helped hundreds of Houston business owners effortlessly create custom sign systems, and we can do the same for you.


Read on to learn about the benefits of our full-service approach to customer care, or call (713)-244-8704 to speak directly with a signage specialist in Houston, TX.

Work With A Signage Specialist In Houston: Let Us Do All The Work!

1.    Dream Up Any Design With A Custom Signage Specialist


While there is nothing inherently bad about working with a dedicated graphic design agency, the ISA recommends finding full-service sign companies to help with your design instead, because the best signs will need to incorporate the building architecture and consider traffic volumes, local competition, and sign code requirements, all of which require a signage specialist.


Our signage specialists can do it all, and we will work with you to bring any design to life, whether you’re starting from scratch or looking to update, recreate, or build off of existing artwork. What’s more, because we know OSHA, ADA, and local sign codes, we’ll keep your order on-track from day-one, so you never have to backtrack or pay extra for design remediation.

2.    Leave The Permitting And Code-compliance To Your Signage Specialist

“As with any type of construction, signage typically requires permitting, and in some cases, electrification,” states the ISA. “A sign company should be able to provide plans and work with local officials to gather the necessary permits and understand local regulations as it relates to signage.”


Even if your sign does not require a permit, you will need to meet local regulations for design, installation, illumination, and long-term maintenance.


You could spend days studying local sign codes, or you could leave it up to us and focus on building your business instead!

3.    Invest In Effortless Installation From A Signage Specialist

“Signs are typically not a do-it-yourself project (unless you’re only adding a handful of simple interior signs),” states the ISA.


Indeed, many installations involve electrification, working at heights, or the use of specialist tools and machinery, all of which can be dangerous to attempt on your own. Furthermore, imperfect installations can also be big liabilities for your business, reducing the quality of brand impressions, creating potential safety hazards, and exposing you to non-compliance fines.


Why not leave it up to our signage specialists instead? We deliver stress-free, code-compliant installations for dozens of local businesses every year, and we can do the same for you!

Work with a Signage Specialist in Houston, TX: Let Us Do All the Work

4.    Simplify Sign Maintenance With A Signage Specialist

“A sign is your business calling card and, as such, it should be in good working order at all times,” states the ISA. “In many cases, it is the first impression that you’ll make with your customers.”


Our signage specialists offer routine maintenance plans; our signs are all engineered for efficient, economical maintenance; and our experts are standing by to help with repairs, part replacements, or retrofits as needed.

Work With A Signage Specialist In Houston, TX: Call HGS!

With Houston Graphic Signs on your side, the possibilities are endless, and every sign project is effortless!


We carry a wide range of popular indoor, outdoor, and vehicle marketing products, all of which are completely customizable and made from high-quality materials. Our signage specialists are knowledgeable in ADA, OSHA, and local sign code requirements, and we provide full support with every step of your order, from the initial ideation to the final installation, guaranteeing you great results with no experience required.


To speak with our signage specialists and get a free quote on any custom sign order, you can:



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