Work With A Custom Sign Company In Houston, TX: Bring Any Brand Vision To Life

Work With A Custom Sign Company In Houston, TX: Bring Any Brand Vision To Life

Work With A Custom Sign Company In Houston, TX: Bring Any Brand Vision To Life

The American Shopper Study leaves no doubt as to the important role signs play in business branding, with survey responses from over 100,000 respondents indicating:

  • Signage is the first thing the majority (75.2%) of consumers notice about new or unfamiliar businesses
  • The majority of consumers (85.7%) feel signage “conveys the personality or character of the business”
  • Nearly half (41.5%) of consumers have made quality assumptions about a brand based on the look, workmanship, or condition of the business’s signs

If your current signage doesn’t satisfy your brand vision, you could be costing yourself sales and squandering valuable first impressions. But it’s never too late to elevate your image, and our custom sign company is here to help!


In today’s post, we discuss a few ways we help companies find their brand identity and bring it to life at any stage of their evolution, from start-up to expansion into supersize spaces and new markets.


Read on to get the full story, or call (713)-244-8704 to speak directly with a representative from our custom sign company in Houston, TX.

Work with a Custom Sign Company in Houston, TX: Bring Any Brand Vision to Life

Sharpen Your Brand Image With A Custom Sign Company In Houston, TX

You know your brand identity better than anyone but expressing it through graphic design requires skills and technology that the average business owner won’t have time to acquire.


That’s where our custom sign company comes in. To make the ideation and logo design stages as easy as possible, and help you create something that meets or exceeds your exacting standards, we offer:


  • Extensive knowledge of color theory, graphic design, and advertising best practices, as well as the requirements of the Houston sign code
  • Full access to the latest design technology, including online collaborative tools
  • Years of experience in marketing, logo design, and project management
  • A history of success with branding and sign design in multiple industries


And if you already have a clear vision for your brand or completed artwork in-hand, we can help incorporate your ideas into a new design, or flawlessly reproduce brand materials in exciting new mediums.

Bring Your Brand Image To Life With A Custom Sign Company In Houston, TX

Once your design is finalized, it’s time to bring it to life. And with the support of our team, and one of the area’s largest selections of customizable sign products at your fingertips, that’s easy.

Work with a Custom Sign Company in Houston, TX: Bring Any Brand Vision to Life

To catch eyes and convey the character of their brand without words, our designers recommended:


  • High-contrast, using dark gray graphics and lettering against a clean white background
  • Evocative graphics, using a unique, dwell-worthy design that could be interpreted as a jeweled crown or mountain peak, suggesting peak performance, achievement, and active lifestyles, while also representing the letter “M” for MaxLiving
  • A strong visual hierarchy, arranging design elements for easy readability, catching the eye with the graphic and drawing it down through the copy in simple tiers
  • Simple, spacious sign copy that leaves room to breathe and invites the reader in with plenty of negative/white space, rather than scaring them away with a dense wall of text
  • Clean colors, using plenty of pure white and cool, soothing grays to convey the company’s focus on health and healing

As with all orders, we provided full support with project management, including:

  • Sourcing all materials and helping the client select the right options and sign specifications
  • Site selection, helping our client pick the perfect spot to maximize impressions, minimize obstructions, and optimize the customer’s experience
  • Full sign installation, safely working at heights and complying with their landlord’s mounting specifications
  • Full support with sign permitting and code-compliant design
  • Project planning, helping the client find a quality temporary sign solution to maintain their branding power and professionalism while their channel letters were being completed

The client was thrilled with the support provided by our custom sign company, and you will be too!

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