Order Custom Monument Signs: Make A ‘Monumental’ Impact In Houston, TX

Order Custom Monument Signs: Make A ‘Monumental’ Impact In Houston, TX

Order Custom Monument Signs: Make A ‘Monumental’ Impact In Houston, TX

Monument signs are a mainstay for established brands, big businesses, hospitals, and other high-authority institutions in Houston, TX, but they work equally well for new, small and medium-sized companies who want to convey quality and longevity at-a-glance.


If you’ve ever thought about ordering custom monument signs, you’ve come to the right place. Read on to learn about their unique benefits for local branding, wayfinding, and sales promotion, or call (713)-244-8704 to speak with a monument sign specialist in Houston, TX.

Monument sign primer: Make a monumental impact in Houston, TX

Order Custom Monument Signs: Make a ‘Monumental’ Impact in Houston, TX

So what are monument signs, exactly, and what makes them such a boon for local businesses?


Section 90-2 of the Houston sign code defines monument signs as “freestanding signs mounted on a concrete or masonry pedestal permanently attached to the ground and having no open space between the pedestal and the display area.”


Though useful for permitting purposes, Houston’s sign code fails to mention the unique benefits of monument signs, which include:


  • Supersized messaging—In a survey of over 100,000 US consumers, more than 80% of respondents indicated that they have felt “frustrated and annoyed when signs are too small to read,” and over 60% of consumers said they had driven by and failed to find a business because their signs were undersized. Thus, undersized signage not only sours impressions of your business—it can cost you sales, too. But monument signs are big and bold, up to 18 feet wide and 35 feet tall for Class C signs, which eliminates these risks and gives business owners extra room for large, impactful fonts or long messages.
  • Strong brand impressions—Monument signs convey professionalism, longevity, and authority, which is why they are a mainstay of big businesses, hotels, hospitals, and government facilities throughout Houston and the surrounding areas. By using them in your on-premise sign system, you show your audience that your business is established, of high quality, and here to stay.
  • Cost-effectiveness—Radio, newspaper, and TV ads are efficient, but even short-term campaigns can cost a lot. Monument signs, in contrast, last for years, even decades, working around the clock to generate impressions and inform local audiences about your offerings. Their longevity, effectiveness, and one-time investment makes monument signs extremely economical, especially if you opt for budget-friendly materials for your pedestal and panel (e.g. PVC routed letters and sculpted foam pedestals). Furthermore, if you invest in changeable monument signs, like letter boards and digital displays, you can create an infinite number of “new” signs for the price of one.
  • Roadside visibility—Relying solely on building signage for wayfinding can be problematic, especially in situations where your storefront does not face the roadway. Monument signs greatly improve roadside visibility and wayfinding outcomes because they are typically placed close to the road, where they can safely be spotted and help drivers identify the entrances to your parking lot, plaza, or property.In fact, depending on your business location, monument signs may be your only viable option for boosting roadside visibility—for example, if your business is located on Category A streets, such as the Carter Moore Drive Scenic Corridor, the Houston sign code states that “no freestanding signs other than monument signs are permitted.”
  • Versatility and scalability—Monument signs are great for both single businesses and landlords with multiple tenants. With the help of our team, expanding your business message or adding new clients’ sign panels is easy, and our selection of changeable monument sign types makes it even simpler.
  • Customization—Monument signs come in three different classes, as defined by the Houston sign code:

Order Custom Monument Signs: Make a ‘Monumental’ Impact in Houston, TX

Each of these different monument sign classes comes with different restrictions, permitting requirements, costs, and material options, but they’re all extremely customizable when you work with our team. Choose from a variety of colors, materials (e.g. wood, brick, concrete, metal, carved foam, HDU, etc), and illumination options, and we will bring your vision to life!

Order Custom Monument Signs: Make a ‘Monumental’ Impact in Houston, TX

If you want to leverage these benefits for your business and make a monumental impact in your community, Houston Graphic Signs is here to help!

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