Why Go Pro? Invest In Success With A Commercial Sign Company In Houston, TX

Why Go Pro? Invest In Success With A Commercial Sign Company In Houston, TX

Why Go Pro? Invest In Success With A Commercial Sign Company In Houston, TX

Although working with a commercial sign company costs more than drawing or printing signage on your own, it should not be considered an expense, but rather an investment, and one that could greatly enhance your marketing ROI with:

  • High-quality designs that evoke your unique brand values—that’s what today’s post is all about
  • Greater sign attraction and legibility, thanks to our graphic design expertise and selection of high-contrast sign materials
  • Lower costs of quality, as we get it done right the first time
  • Reduced risks of sign code violations, as we provide full support with permitting and design compliance
  • Less opportunity costs, as you regain the hours you would have spent on sign-making, maintenance, and replacement of DIY signs with poor durability

In fact, with consumers looking to your signage for inferential cues about your business, and competitors fighting hard for their attention, DIY sign solutions can do more harm than good.


Don’t worry—ordering from our commercial sign company is easy, and going pro doesn’t have to come at a high price.


Read on to learn how we’re helping Houston business owners boost brand authority, recall, and engagement with custom sign solutions, or call (713)-244-8704 to speak directly with a commercial sign company in Houston, TX.

Create A Vivid Brand Image With A Commercial Sign Company In Houston, TX

According to the American Shopper Survey, nearly 9-in-10 (85.7%) of consumers look to commercial signs to get a feel for the “personality or character of the business,” while 41.5% use signage as the basis for their quality assumptions.


So what are your signs saying about your business? If you’re using homemade signs, and you don’t have a background in branding and graphic design, your silent salespeople might not be saying what you want them to.


At best, DIY signs say your brand is frugal, down-to-earth, and self-sufficient; but more often than not, homemade signs don’t always measure up.


In fact, in one study for the Interdisciplinary Journal of Signage and Wayfinding, researchers found that the use of homemade commercial signs created a sense of unease among consumers, suggesting the business was unprepared for the current events (McNeish, 2020). Homemade signs were also harder to read, requiring greater cognitive resources, which often led viewers to tune out the signage in question and contributed to greater levels of “promotional sign blindness.” In contrast, professional signage put viewers at ease, decreased cognitive load, and contributed to greater engagement with other in-store signage.


Working with a commercial sign company brings you all of these benefits, and also makes it possible to create a truly evocative and engaging brand image, one that tells your company’s story and conveys its value at-a-glance.


For example, check out this dimensional sign project we recently completed to decorate the walls at the offices of 48Forty Solutions in Houston, TX.



Why Go Pro? Invest in Success with a Commercial Sign Company in Houston, TX

Using a combination of vinyl and 3D lettering, these signs not only give their offices more personality, but also boost brand engagement, authority, and recall by reinforcing company colors and values with key messaging, such as:

  • Respect, Safety, Opportunity
  • Integrity, Value, Innovation
  • Community, Sustainability, Accountability
  • Always Do the Right Thing

As with every order, we provided full support every step of the way, guiding the client, collaborating on their design, and scheduling the installation.

Go Pro With A One-stop Commercial Sign Company In Houston, TX

The value of the one-stop shop has been clear since it originated in the late 1920s, so why are Houston sign-buyers still wasting time and money bouncing between multiple shops to complete their orders?


The choice is yours: You could waste hours and gallons of gas driving around town to consult with different graphic designers, marketing agencies, sign manufacturers, electricians, sign installers, and permitting experts, then spend even more time assembling your team and getting everyone on the same page, or you could do it all under one roof, streamlining your order and controlling the entire project from a single point of contact.


At Houston Graphic Signs, we carry all of the most popular commercial sign products; everything is completely customizable; and we support you every step of the way, from ideation to installation. In this way, we save you time and money, reduce the risks of costly miscommunications.


To learn more about our full-service commercial sign company, and get personalized product recommendations based on your unique marketing needs, advertising space, and budget, you can:



McNeish, J. E. (2020). Retail signage during the COVID-19 pandemic. Interdisciplinary Journal of Signage and Wayfinding, 4(2), 67-89.


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