Boost Sales On A Budget: Save On Custom Signs Near Me In Houston, TX

Boost Sales On A Budget: Save On Custom Signs Near Me In Houston, TX

Boost Sales On A Budget: Save On Custom Signs Near Me In Houston, TX

Looking for ways to get more eyes on your business, trade show space, or charity event, without breaking the bank? Houston Graphic Signs is here to help.


Read on to learn about the value of our printed sign solutions, or call (713)-244-8704 to get a quote on any custom signs.

Save On Custom Signs Near Me: Invest In Printed Sign Solutions

Whether you’re looking to promote new products and services, boost sales at one of Houston’s exciting trade show events, or spread awareness about charitable causes, printed signs are one of the best ways to go big on a budget.


Compared to most sign alternatives these printed signs are:

  • Less expensive to produce
  • Free from any permitting requirements
  • Easier to transport, set up, and maintain
  • More eco-friendly
  • More versatile, giving owners practically endless promotional potential

Our line of custom table throws, and covers is a perfect example. Made from a lightweight, high quality stretch fabric, options of a 6’ or 8’ table throw. Our custom table throws are inexpensive, easy to transport and hard to miss, showcasing your custom graphics or message in high resolution, vivid color, and large graphic dimensions in any environment.

Boost Sales on a Budget: Save on Custom Signs Near Me in Houston, TX

When we aren’t busy helping Texans build businesses, the team at Houston Graphic Signs is always looking for ways to support local charities. We were proud to create this beautiful custom table throw for the Ronald McDonald House Charities campaign in Greater Houston/Galveston.


Like all of our print marketing solutions, custom table throws are fully customizable and extremely cost-effective, especially when you factor in their reusability.


And while these products are known as “table covers,” you’re not limited to this singular application. Indeed, they’re one of the most versatile sign products out there, and the more ways you find to use (and reuse) your table throw, the greater your potential return investment. These are just a few of the ways Houston business owners and charity event organizers have put their table throws to work:


  • Use table throws as backdrops for photos or video interviews at events
  • Use table throws as larger-than-life cards at retirement parties, birthdays, and charity events—have the guests sign their names and write messages directly onto the fabric, then fold it up for the guest of honor at the end of the night
  • Use table throws as branded coverings as part of grand product reveals
  • Use table throws as makeshift hanging signage/banners
  • Use table throws as makeshift “finish lines” at charity racing events, and much more

With proper care, you can expect your custom throw table to maintain its promotional power for years, giving you plenty of time to explore these different applications.

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