What Are Some OTHER Sign Services In Houston, TX?

What Are Some OTHER Sign Services In Houston, TX?

What Are Some OTHER Sign Services in Houston, TX?

Local sign companies can help businesses, organizations, property managers, and event coordinators by offering some not-so-obvious sign services in Houston, TX.

The Basic Sign Services In Houston, TX?

What does a sign company do? It makes signs, right? Sign companies make money by designing and fabricating or manufacturing signage for their clients. These are important services, because just about every business needs signs now and again. But there other sign services that can be just as valuable.

Sign Installation Services In Houston, TX

It may seem like they should, but not every sign company necessarily offers installation services. Only a local sign company will install signs for businesses and properties in the Houston area. This is helpful if you don’t want to take the time to install a floor graphic or awning graphic yourself. But it’s downright necessary for a lot of signs. How can you install a ten-foot pole sign or wire an LED sign all by yourself? If you hire Houston Graphic Signs, you won’t have to.

Sign Designers Can Do A Lot More Than Just Design A Sign.

If you want a new sign, you might hire a sign designer to design that sign. But what about if you don’t have your logo file and need it redrawn? Or what if you want to change the colors in your logo? What if you want to completely rebrand the way your business looks and its aesthetic? Houston Graphic Signs has talented and experienced designers who can help you with all these design projects.

Sign Permitting Services In Houston, TX

Some signs require permits to be installed. These are typically large outdoor signs, and sometimes bright lighted signs. A 20-foot-high pole sign with an 8-foot-wide sign panel could cast a large shadow on your neighbor’s property. Digging the foundation of a monument sign could conceivably disturb underground pipes. A bright, dynamic LED sign might be considered a traffic hazard.


Municipal government councils and zoning boards have to consider factors such as these before allowing their constituents to install certain signs. But knowing when to apply for such permits, and to whom, can be confusing, not to mention all the tedious paperwork. Houston Graphic Signs can help with all sign permittance matters.

Sign Repair, Large Format Printing, Color Management, ADA Compliance, And More!

We simply offer too many sign services to Houstonites to get into in just one article. We’ll repair and maintain signs for you. We have large format printing and color management capabilities to ensure your sign looks great. We can help you avoid fines for ADA-noncompliance. And more! To learn more about all our services, please contact us via our website or call 713-244-8704.


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