What Are Commercial Signs?

What Are Commercial Signs?

What Are Commercial Signs?

If you’re curious to learn about commercial signs, what they are and how they work, then you should contact a commercial sign company in Houston, TX.

Houston Graphic Signs Is A Commercial Sign Company In Houston, TX.

At Houston Graphic Signs, our business is making signs. And not just fabricating them, but also designing them, installing them, repairing them, securing permits for them to be installed, and more. We are a commercial and professional sign company. And many of the signs we make are commercial signs. They are signs that serve a commercial purpose.

What Exactly Is A Commercial Sign?

Some signs serve functional purposes. They are addresses on buildings, they are signs that tell you not to loiter, they are signs that display parking lot information, Covid-19 policies, and safety information. Other signs serve commercial purposes. Some of these commercial signs identify and promote businesses.


These signs don’t just serve to label a building or business, they should also entice people to come inside. And they should give a sense of the brand’s characteristics. Even with details as simple as font and color choice, a commercial sign designer can create a sign that evokes qualities like professionalism, creativity, calmness, and more. There are many other signs a commercial business might use inside, too. Not all commercial signs are the big and bright outdoor signs that identify businesses.

What Kinds Of Commercial Signs Can A Sign Company In Houston Make?

At Houston Graphic Signs, we can produce a wide variety of commercial signs. Such signs include:

  • Wall Graphics
    They’re great for branding interior spaces with logos, advertising specific products, and providing directional information.
  • Window Graphics
    These can identify businesses, advertise products, and display store information.
  • 3D Signs and Lettering
    Three-dimensional signs and letters have more character and convey more personality through font alone.
  • Channel Letters
    Channel letters are dimensional letters with illumination.
  • Cabinet and Panel Signs
    Cabinet signs are another form of effective, lighted commercial signage.
  • Monument Signs

Monument signs are great for identifying businesses that have parking lots and lawns between them and the nearest road.

Work With Houston Graphic Signs To Create The Perfect Signs For Your Commercial Business.

At Houston Graphic Signs, we offer all the services and can produce all the signs mentioned in this article to clients in the Houston area of Texas. To learn more about commercial signs, or about our other products and services, please contact us via our website or call 713-244-8704.


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