6 Uses For Banners In Houston, TX

6 Uses For Banners In Houston, TX

6 Uses for Banners in Houston, TX

Learn all about banners, the different types of banners, why they’re so popular for commercial purposes, and learn about six uses for banners in Houston, TX.

1. Celebrate The Grand Opening For Your Houston Business With A Banner.

Start your Houston business off on the right foot with a beautiful banner. Nothing says, “Grand Opening” like a banner that says, well, “Grand Opening”.

2. Banners Are Great Supplemental Signage.

Another great use for vertical banner stands is to place them on the sidewalk or at the entrance of your business. Vertical banners can retract into their stand for increased portability and durability.

3. Use A Banner As Temporary Signage.

Because banners are inexpensive, they’re great for temporary uses. You can use a banner to announce that your business is moving locations or to announce a temporary closure. You can also use a banner to apologize for any inconvenience caused by renovations or a store restructuring.

4. A Banner Can Make A Great POP Sign In Your Houston Business.

POP stands for “point of purchase”. These signs point customers in retail businesses towards the checkout. They help customers navigate your store and motivate them to buy items, often impulse purchases. Because they’re lightweight and can be situated anywhere, banners are great for this task.

5. Use A Banner To Advertise Your Houston Business’s Sale Or Event.

Banners are also great to advertise sales, promote specific items, and brand sections of retail spaces. If your Houston business has an annual spring sale, you can get a banner that promotes that sale. When summer comes, you can retract the banner, store it, and then bring it out again next year.

6. Banners Are For Trade Show Displays.

Trade shows give businesses an opportunity to reach new potential customers in their target audience, network with others in their industry, and monitor the competition. But to succeed at a trade show, you need an eye-catching, on-brand, and attractive trade show display.


Because they are highly portable and easy to set up, banners are great for trade shows. If your business has a trade show coming up in Houston, make sure you have some specially designed banners for the event. Houston Graphic Signs can make perfect on-brand banners for you.

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