Vinyl Wraps Can Be More Than Just A Car Wrap And Truck Wrap

Vinyl Wraps Can Be More Than Just A Car Wrap And Truck Wrap

Vinyl Wraps can be more than just a Car Wrap and Truck Wrap

Whatever your need to market your business or set a tone, vinyl wraps can easily help to brand your image. Whether it is a door, cabinet, locker, vehicle, or truck, there’s a type of custom wrap for you. We recently helped Agility Bank open their doors. This Houston skyline vinyl wrap decoratively covers their private bank lockers as you enter the ATM lobby. It is eye catching and uniquely brands this office location.

Custom Wraps Allow You To Make A Lasting Impression.

Many businesses in the Houston area of Texas can benefit by installing custom graphics around their office. Eye-catching and inviting graphics can effectively identify your business and draw people inside. Look for a flat surface that can easily be branded with your logo or a creative graphic.

What’s A Vehicle Wrap?

A vehicle wrap is a type of vehicle graphic. Work vehicles are excellent places to install promotional signage and graphics. There are several different types of vehicle graphics. You can use a decal to display the name of your business, a logo, a slogan, and/or contact information. You can also use a side graphic for the same purpose. Vehicle magnets are handy if you want to be able to remove and reposition your vehicle graphic. Many self-employed tradespeople choose this option.


However, if you want to make as big an impression as possible, the best option is a vehicle wrap. Wraps display graphics, images, and texts on multiple sides of vehicles, such as the side doors, the hood, the trunk, and sometimes even the top of the vehicle. They are called wraps because the graphic wraps around the vehicle. You can even use perforated window graphics so those outside can see the graphic on windows, while those inside can still see out the window.

Car wraps

If you use a car for work, we at Houston Graphic Signs can easily install a wrap on it. Whether you use a car as a self-employed tradesperson, private tutor, physical therapist, or anything else, a car wrap can identify your vehicle and promote yourself everywhere you drive in the Houston area of Texas. If you manage a business with a fleet of vehicles, identical wraps give your fleet a uniform, cohesive look. This makes your business appear professional and successful.

Truck wraps

Many tradespeople drive trucks so they can move around all the tools, equipment, and materials they use. At Houston Graphic Signs, we can install high-quality wraps on trucks and vans, too. You can generate thousands of impressions every day just by driving from work site to work site.

Contact Houston Graphic Signs for custom vinyl wraps, car wraps, and truck wraps in Houston, TX.

Houston Graphic Signs can design, fabricate, and install the perfect wrap for you in the Houston area of Texas. To learn more, please contact us via our website or call 713-244-8704.


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