Simplify Marketing Project Management With A Sign Shop In Houston, TX

Simplify Marketing Project Management With A Sign Shop In Houston, TX

Simplify Marketing Project Management with a Sign Shop in Houston, TX

Big sign projects can lead to big project management headaches, but not when you work with our sign shop in Houston, TX.


Read on to learn how we’re making sign orders easier and more economical for local buyers, or call (713)-244-8704 to speak directly with a sign expert near you.

Simplify Marketing Project Management with a Sign Shop in Houston, TX

1.   Prevent Project Delays

Project delays are not inevitable, but they are on the rise, especially for large-scale sign projects that need special parts, custom designs, or heavy-duty construction.


In fact, after amassing a dataset of more than 500,00 construction schedules provided by clients and contractors nationwide, plan researchers found that construction project delays have more than doubled since the pandemic started.


These delays can lead to large expenses and missed opportunities to advertise, but they are mostly preventable. To keep your project on-track, we eliminate any delays resulting from:

  • Time lost assembling your team—we provide full support with design, manufacturing, installation, permitting, and maintenance, so you won’t have to outsource or seek out multiple shops to get the job done.
  • Time lost sourcing your signage—we’re proud to offer one of Houston’s largest selections of indoor and outdoor sign products, and we maintain a large stock of materials to meet any budget or display needs.
  • Time lost sorting out your sign code requirements—our team knows Houston’s sign code, and we can help you obtain any permits or variance that may be required.
  • Time lost breaking through “design blocks”—our talented in-house design team makes creative collaborations fun and easy, and if you need fresh eyes or new ideas, we have a large portfolio and plenty of inspiration to draw from!

2.   Stop Scope Creep

The Project Management Institute defines scope creep as the process by which a project becomes bloated due to “additional features or functions of a new product, requirements, or work that is not authorized (i.e., beyond the agreed-upon scope).”


Scope creep is most often the result of poor communication, but when you work with our team, that is never a concern, since your entire order is handled in-house according to your exact specifications, and you control operations from a single point of contact.

3.   Put An End To Handoff Headaches

Project handoffs are considered “ripe opportunities for the introduction of errors and inefficiencies,” which makes it all the more important to work with a full-service sign shop like ours (Sharma et al., 2010).


When you work with Houston Graphic Signs, there are no handoffs, only handovers, when we hand you the finished product. From the early stages of ideation to the final fastening during your install, the same team of multidisciplinary experts will be working on your sign, weaving together graphic design best practices, sign code expertise, and full knowledge of current production capacities to streamline your order.

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Sharma, N., Cohen, M., Hilligoss, B., & Patterson, E. (2010). Handoffs & Handovers: Collaborating in Turns. In CSCW 2010 Workshop, Savannah, Atlanta.


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