Pro Sign Removal And Relocation: Destress Your Business Move In Houston, TX

Pro Sign Removal And Relocation: Destress Your Business Move In Houston, TX

Pro Sign Removal and Relocation: Destress Your Business Move in Houston, TX

Uprooting your business for a big move is stressful enough without having to worry about sign relocation. Unfortunately, it is rarely as simple as picking up your sign and driving it to your new lot, and many owners pay a steep price for ill-advised DIY attempts.


For most sign types, removal and relocation requires special equipment, expertise, and knowledge of local sign codes. Even if you find time to do it yourself amidst all the packing, planning, and paperwork, you could incur sign code penalties or damage your sign in the process.


Don’t worry—the team at Houston Graphic Signs is here to help. Read on to learn how we take the stress out of sign removal and installation, or call (713)-244-8704 to speak directly with a sign relocation expert near you.

Simplify Your Sign Removal With Houston Graphic Signs

Even if you intend to start fresh with a brand-new sign at your next location, you must remove your old business sign before you leave. Failing to do so could get you in trouble with your previous landlord and expose you to “abandoned sign” penalties.


As per the City of Houston Sign Administration, “a sign is considered abandoned as soon as a business vacates the premises without moving the sign.” Accordingly, if you want to stay in your landlord’s good graces and avoid a fine, you need to plan ahead for a timely sign removal.


Depending on your sign product, material, and installation type, removal may require:

  • Substantial sign disassembly
  • Working at heights
  • Electrical work
  • Minor repairs to the building

Attempting it on your own could result in damage to your sign’s mounting hardware or internal components, and it could be dangerous, too.


Going pro with our sign removal specialists lets you eliminate all the risks, guaranteeing that your sign arrives in great shape and ready to impress audiences at your new location. It also simplifies your next steps, whether you intend to dispose of your old sign, restore or reface faded panels, or retrofit your illuminated sign with new energy-efficient bulbs.


To learn more about our sign removal service and get a free quote, contact our specialists in Houston, TX.

Invest In Effortless Sign Installation In Houston, TX

The job isn’t done once your sign arrives at your new location. Installation involves all of the same specialty work required for sign removal, and the City of Houston Sign Administration has a number of strict requirements that must be met to keep everything code-compliant.


For example:

  • The City of Houston requires permits for most sign types of relocation/reinstallation
  • The City of Houston requires a licensed sign installer to mount your signs
  • All electrical fixtures, equipment and appurtenances installed in conjunction with a sign must be design and installed in accordance with the City of Houston Electrical Code

Not all sign installations require permits, but your installation must be completed in accordance with local sign code requirements. For example, window signs cannot interfere with the operation of a window if it is above the first story. Finding and meeting these sign code requirements can be quite time and labor-intensive, which is why many Houston business owners prefer to leave it to us. We know local sign codes, and nobody knows your sign better than the people who built it. Our sign installation experts focus on safety and code compliance, and we can help you choose the best installation site to maximize impressions. And if you’re missing parts or notice mounting hardware in need of replacement, you’ll find everything you need at our shop.

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