Is It Time To Upgrade Your Lobby Signs? Get A Free Quote In Houston, TX

Is It Time To Upgrade Your Lobby Signs? Get A Free Quote In Houston, TX

Your lobby sign is your silent brand ambassador—it greets your guests, conveys the character and quality of your business, and tells visitors when they’ve come to the right place.


But if your lobby sign has seen better days, it could be doing more harm than good. Don’t worry—whether you need a lobby sign replacement, repair, or retrofit, the team at Houston Graphic Signs can make it easy and painless.


Read on to learn how we’re helping Houston businesses keep their brand ambassadors looking their best, or call (713)-244-8704 to get a free lobby sign quote today.

When Should I Upgrade My Lobby Sign In Houston, TX?

As a general rule, you should consider upgrading your lobby sign if:


1. Your lobby sign is looking worse for wear. Nothing lasts forever, lobby signs included. If your lobby signs are starting to crack, fade, yellow, or otherwise deteriorate, they could be costing you sales or negatively impacting your brand image.


2. Your lobby sign isn’t doing its job. If you feel your lobby sign isn’t performing as well as you hoped, but it is still in good condition, it might be time to revisit your design.


3. Retrofits could save you money. Lobby sign technology is constantly advancing, and as time passes, you may discover opportunities to save money by swapping out old tech. This was the case for many businesses when light emitting diodes (LEDs) began replacing neon lighting, which cost more to run and did not last as long as the newer technology. If it’s been a few years since you ordered your lobby sign, it’s a good idea to ask your sign provider about opportunities for retrofitting and/or component upgrades.


4. Your lobby sign looks outdated. When your lobby sign looks to be behind the times, your business does, too. Even if you have a retro or old-world aesthetic, your signs need to look fresh, not old and neglected.


5. Your business is rebranding. Your lobby sign needs to reflect your current brand character and personality, so if you’re in the process of rebranding, you’ll need a new lobby sign, too. Don’t stress—we can help you with both!

Is It Time to Upgrade Your Lobby Signs? Get a Free Quote in Houston, TX

Why Choose Houston Graphic Signs For Your Lobby Sign Overhaul?

  • 5-star customer service—Our customer-centric approach and commitment to client satisfaction has earned us a perfect 5-star Google rating.

Is It Time to Upgrade Your Lobby Signs? Get a Free Quote in Houston, TX

Experience our 5-star customer service for yourself—get a free quote from our lobby sign specialists.


  • Full support with your lobby sign order—We guide you every step of the way, from design ideation to final installation and beyond, so you’re guaranteed a great customer experience, with no experience required!
  • A large selection of lobby sign options—We carry all of the most popular lobby sign solutions, from classy, engraved signs and authoritative dimensional cut logos to budget-friendly vinyl logos and graphics, so you can shop smart and compare all the best options under one roof.
  • 100% lobby sign customization—Choose any lobby sign size, style, color, or cut, then work with our in-house experts to create any custom logo or graphics you need.
  • Modern lobby sign manufacturing solutions—Our computer numerical control (CNC) router ensures precise cuts, extreme accuracy, and fast and efficient production with every order, while our large-format printer gives you vivid colors and high-resolution images, plus access to economies of scale on multi-sign orders using the same proof.

Get A Free Quote On Lobby Sign Solutions In Houston, TX

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