Work With Sign Shops In Houston, TX: Leverage Local Expertise To Save Big

Work With Sign Shops In Houston, TX: Leverage Local Expertise To Save Big

Work With Sign Shops In Houston, TX: Leverage Local Expertise To Save Big

Nowadays, sign shoppers have thousands of online companies to order from but working with a local sign shop is still one of the best ways to save money and streamline your order.


Read on to learn 6 ways our local expertise can help you save time, cut costs, and get better results on your next sign shop, or call (713)-244-8704 to get a free quote on any order.

Work with Sign Shops in Houston, TX: Leverage Local Expertise to Save Big

Leverage Local Expertise: Work With Sign Shops In Houston, TX

1.    Get Better Product Recommendations

As discussed in a post earlier this month, the best sign designs, installations, and product recommendations are based on knowledge of local competition, weather conditions, and sign code requirements. Out-of-state sign shops won’t be much help in this regard, but don’t worry—our local expertise is only a phone call away!

2.    Streamline Houston Sign Code Compliance

Almost all sign types must be designed, built, and installed according to the requirements of your local sign code, and many will require permits. Out-of-state sign shops won’t be able to help you with these requirements, but when you work with us, you’ll never have to worry. We know Houston’s sign code; we provide full support with permitting and variances; and we will keep your design on-track from day-one to minimize the need for any backtracking.

3.    Minimize Delivery Costs And Delays

When you work with out-of-state shops, sign deliveries can be quite costly, especially if you’re working with heavier materials or large signs. Long-distance deliveries are also at greater risk of delivery delays.


But by choosing a sign shop in Houston, TX, you won’t have to worry. Our sign shop is just a short drive away, and we maintain a large stock of popular sign types and materials to give you options for when time is of the essence.

4.    Keep In Control And Cut The Costs Of Quality

The term costs of quality refer to the time and money required to spot and fix any errors that occur over the course of the project.

Your sign design might need a few tweaks; something might have gone wrong during manufacturing; or the installation may have gone awry. Whatever the case may be, remediation comes at a cost, and those costs greatly increase when you’re working remotely.

Depending on the company’s policy, you may need to pay extra to ship your faulty sign back or hire graphic designers to make changes to the proofs. And even if you don’t, it will probably take some time before you have the polished product in-hand.


But when you stay local with a full-service shop like ours, it’s much easier to keep in control of your order. You control the entire project from a single point of contact, and if you have any concerns, you can drive right down to the shop to make sure everything is going according to plan.


And when you choose Houston Graphic Signs, the costs of quality drop even further, thanks to the efficiencies of our modern Six-Sigma design process.

5.    Simplify Long-term Maintenance And Repairs

When ordering online from shops located out-of-state, the onus is on you to find qualified repair and maintenance services when your signs start to fade, crack, or peel. This is often easier said than done, since not all shops service all sign types, and those that do may not carry the right mounting hardware or replacement parts.


But by staying local with a full-service sign shop like ours, you’re only ever a phone call away from professional upkeep services and replacement parts. Further, as mentioned above, you’ll never have to worry about sign code compliance issues that arise during your repairs or part replacements.

6.    Support Your Company’s Sustainability Goals

In 2022-2023, sustainability is more important than ever, and buying local goes a long way towards advancing your company’s sustainability goals.


For example, did you know that the shipping industry is responsible for around 940 million tons of CO2 every year, which equates to about 2.5% of the world’s total emissions?


By buying local, you not only reduce shipping costs and delivery delays; you also reduce shipping emissions, while reducing gas consumption and travel time to-and-from the shop.


Working with local experts also makes it easier to coordinate sign repairs, refacing, and maintenance, three eco-friendly services that help owners maximize their sign life while minimizing waste.


If you’re looking for eco-friendly sign solutions, look no further. We are a Six-Sigma design shop that practices lean manufacturing, and we are conveniently located to serve all of Houston, TX, and the surrounding communities.

Work with Sign Shops in Houston, TX: Leverage Local Expertise to Save Big

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