Order Branded Construction Hoarding: Improve Site Safety And Security

Order Branded Construction Hoarding: Improve Site Safety And Security

Order Branded Construction Hoarding: Improve Site Safety And Security

Also known as construction fencing or site hoarding, branded construction hoarding is an essential part of any construction sign system, allowing contractors or building owners to create temporary barriers that provide:

  • Improved safety—Branded construction hoarding places a physical barrier between the work site and the general public, which greatly reduces the risks of accidents and injuries caused by flying debris or particulate matter (e.g. sawdust, slivers, metal shavings).
  • Improved security—According to the National Equipment Register, construction site theft costs the industry over $1 billion each year, and a small investment in signage could greatly reduce your risks of being targeted. Though not impervious, branded construction hoarding discourages trespassers by making sites harder to access and blocking lines of sight to valuable tools, equipment, and exposed entryways.
  • Improved privacy and aesthetics—Branded construction hoarding lets contractors and business owners cover up unsightly work areas with high-definition images, creative designs, or impressive brand logos. For contractors, hoarding can also be a great way to protect your trade secrets from falling into the hands of the competition.
  • More opportunities for branding and promotion—In the interests of self-preservation, pedestrians are generally more mindful of construction and safety signs than traditional marketing messages. Branded construction hoarding does double duty, serving as a safety sign and street-level billboard at the same time. If you want to take advantage of the extra impressions they create, you can customize your construction hoarding to display your brand name, friendly brand messaging with construction updates (e.g. “Excuse the inconvenience! We’ll be back in 3 weeks.”), or even promotional information for upcoming products and services to be offered on-site.
  • Incredible cost-efficiency—Branded construction hoarding is already highly economical, and if you store it properly between uses and make the time for a quick wipedown between jobs, it can last longer.

Order Branded Construction Hoarding: Improve Site Safety and Security

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