Invest In Your Image: Fleet Rebranding Solutions For Long-Term Success

Invest In Your Image: Fleet Rebranding Solutions For Long-Term Success

Invest In Your Image: Fleet Rebranding Solutions For Long-Term Success

Whether you’ve recently undergone a rebrand, you’re promoting new products or services, or your old vehicular marketing materials are looking a little worse for wear, you need fleet rebranding solutions, and the team at Houston Graphic Signs is here to help!


Read on to learn why it makes sense to invest in fleet rebranding solutions and how easy it is to get started, or call (713)-244-8704 to speak directly with a fleet rebranding specialist in Houston, TX.

Invest In Your Image: Fleet Rebranding Takes Your Message Further

Most rebranding campaigns are carried out with two simple objectives in mind: to attract more customers, and to re-educate existing customers about your new products, services, or brand identity.


Call it what you want—exposure, visibility, impressions—in both cases, the success of the campaign relies on your marketing materials being seen, and in this regard, fleet rebranding reigns supreme.


The promotional power of fleet marketing materials is easy to understand, as they turn otherwise unremarkable fleet vehicles into supersized mobile billboards that get seen by thousands of people every day in contexts with relatively little competition on roads and highways, at least compared to the busy signscapes of downtown Houston.


Invest in Your Image: Fleet Rebranding Solutions for Long-Term Success

Turning to the research, we see:


  • Vehicle messaging gets eyes on your rebranding campaign, with a single intra-city truck capable of generating 30,000 to 70,000 impressions in a single day (Hubbard, 2003)
  • Vehicle messaging makes a lasting impact, with 97% of drivers recalling seeing vehicle wraps and graphics on the road, compared to only 71% remembering roadside billboards (Williams, 2009)
  • Vehicle messaging is extremely cost-effective, costing 50-times less than television commercials to generate an equivalent amount of views in one marketing report (3M, 2008)

Clearly, whether you’re looking to expand your audience or re-educate your current customer base, fleet rebranding is a cost-effective solution that makes sense for big and small businesses alike. And with our team here to guide you, ordering is easy!

Simplify Your Fleet Rebranding: Go Pro For Easy Project Management

Fleet rebranding projects can be tough to manage, requiring multiple steps, handoffs, and key decisions; perfect material, software, and hardware compatibility; and flawless coordination between graphic designers, graphic print shops, and installers.


Even with small orders, everyone needs to be on the same page, or you could end up with unforeseen delays and project costs. For example, suppose your graphic designer gets to work without consulting the print shop or installer, only to find that their color choice doesn’t work with the printer, and their logo placement doesn’t fit the shape of the vehicle. Depending on how time sensitive your order is, this could lead to either a frustrating delay or a lost opportunity.


But when you work with our fleet rebranding shop, you never have to worry. We do everything in-house, so you’re guaranteed streamlined orders, speedy turnaround, and flawless communication, whether you need a single vehicle wrapped or a complete fleet overhaul.


To make your order even easier, we offer a large selection of fleet rebranding options, all of which are 100% customizable, including:


  • Full wraps to transform the entire vehicle body into a supersized canvas for custom mobile billboards
  • Partial wraps to create a full wrap effect for a fraction of the price, incorporating the underlying color and shape of your vehicle into the overall design to create a big impact
  • Vehicle graphics and decals to add the perfect touch of branding, whether you need a small standalone message or an accent for a larger design

Explore Fleet Rebranding Solutions: Get A Free Quote In Houston, TX

Houston Graphic Signs is your one-stop shop for fleet rebranding solutions in Houston, TX, ranging from logo design and custom wrap manufacturing to installation and maintenance.


We carry a wide range of vehicular advertising products, all of which are available in a variety of colors, finishes, and vinyl grades, and our in-house designers are standing by to help guide you through the design process.


To learn more and get a free quote on any fleet rebranding solutions, you can:



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