Local Businesses Benefit With Digital Message Pole Signs

Local Businesses Benefit With Digital Message Pole Signs

Local Businesses Benefit with Digital Message Pole Signs

The signage you choose for your Houston-area business is incredibly important. You have to balance the most effective form of communication with branding and budget. But what about digital message pole signs?

What Are Digital Message Pole Signs?

Should your Westchase quick service restaurant, your Jersey Village auto dealership, your Sugar Land bowling alley, or any other business you own or manage in the Houston area of Texas, install a digital message pole sign? Digital message pole signs convey messages via a digital sign panel—a screen—or with a sequence of illuminated LEDs. A pole sign features a sign panel atop a, usually, tall pole. Thus, a pole digital message pole sign features a tall pole with a panel on top that conveys messages digitally to all who can see it.

What Are The Advantages Of Digital Message Pole Signs?

Pole signs offer greater visibility. A tall pole with a large sign panel on top has a wide range of visibility. The greater visibility a sign has the more impressions it generates and, thus, the more effective it can be for your Houston-area business. If you own a restaurant franchise location along the Sam Houston Tollway in Westchase, it will benefit you to identify and promote your restaurant with a pole sign so drivers coming from either direction can see your sign at a distance.


Digital messaging is advantageous for several reasons. First, digital sign panels can catch the eye better because they simulate movement with the way the messages are displayed. Second, digital message signs are illuminated. This increases their visibility range and means they can be seen at night and in the rain. Third, digital message signs are easily reprogrammed. With a static sign, you would have to buy a brand-new panel whenever you want to display a different message. With a digital message pole sign, you can just reprogram it instead of buying a whole new panel, thus saving you money.

Will A Digital Message Pole Sign Work For You?

Digital panels often scroll through a message. This could be as simple as one sentence moving along the panel in a continuous loop or displaying different “pages” of information in a sequence. Either way, these messages are generally too long to display on a static sign.

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