High-Quality Custom Wall Graphics Attract More Business

High-Quality Custom Wall Graphics Attract More Business

High-Quality Custom Wall Graphics Attract More Business

Custom wall graphics can be great promotional tools to bring in more customers to your Houston-area business. But they must be high-quality and used correctly. Here’s what you need to know.

Walls Are Handy Places To Install Graphics.

Walls often offer a lot of available real estate on which you can install graphics. Not every Houston business will have wall space that has unobstructed sightlines, but many do, so it often makes sense to install a graphic. Wall graphics are prominent and effective. The right, well-designed wall graphic can generate a lot of impressions. Wall graphics can identify a business or a building, brand an area, advertise specific products or services, and provide functional information, such as wayfinding.

“What Are The Wall Graphics Options At My Houston Business?”

Technically, any graphic installed on a wall can be called a wall graphic. Because wall graphics represent such a broad category, you have a lot of options. Here are some of the more popular and effective wall graphics:

  • Vinyl Lettering
    Vinyl is a popular material for wall graphics. Vinyl is inexpensive, comes in many brands, various colors and thicknesses. If you work with a respectable local sign company in Houston, you can rest assured they will use high-quality vinyl and adhesive, so it will look professional for years. Vinyl is easy to cut into lettering, but it can be used for more complex graphics, too, such as logos.
  • 3D Sign Lettering
    Vinyl is great for indoors, but it’s less popular outdoors. If you want to install a sign on the outside of your Houston business, in order to identify and promote it, consider a 3D sign. 3D signs stand out better because they are more substantive than two-dimensional signage. If you want to illuminate your 3D sign, consider channel letters.
  • Digitally Printed Wallpaper
    Wall graphics can increase revenue by more subtle ways than simply identifying and promoting your business. Consider how your Houston business makes people feel. You want to create an ambience that is inviting and memorable. Digitally printed wallpaper is excellent for this purpose. For example, if you manage a Korean restaurant in Katy, using wallpaper with digitally printed images of Korean sites and people will make your guests feel like they’re really there.
  • Wall Murals
    Wall murals are also great for creating an atmosphere, too. For example, a pediatrician in Katy can use a fun and colorful wall mural to entertain kids and calm them in what can be a stressful environment for them.

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To learn how high-quality, custom wall graphics can increase business for your company in Katy or anywhere else in the Houston area of Texas, please contact us.


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