Level-Up Your Window Graphics: 4 Simple Things You Can Do To Stand Out

Level-Up Your Window Graphics: 4 Simple Things You Can Do To Stand Out

Level-Up Your Window Graphics: 4 Simple Things You Can Do To Stand Out

If you suspect your window graphics aren’t performing up to their full potential, or you’re about to begin the design and site selection process for your first order, today’s post is for you!


Read on to review the research and learn 4 simple things you can do to make your window graphics stand out, or call (713)-244-8704 to speak directly with a window graphics specialist in Houston, TX.

Top-4 Tips To Make Your Window Graphics Stand Out

1.   Keep Your Window Graphic Messaging Simple And Striking

Wordy, info-rich signs can be appropriate in some cases, like when customers want to learn more about products with minimal packaging, but window graphics are rarely used in this context.


Window graphics are primarily used for branding, basic wayfinding, and striking the interests of passersby, all of which can be done with just a single image or a few words. Furthermore, most of your readers will be on the move, and they’ll only have a few seconds to read, internalize, and act on your message before they continue on their merry way.

Level-Up Your Window Graphics: 4 Simple Things You Can Do to Stand Out

Accordingly, if you want your message to stand out and get read, strive for simple and striking designs with no more than 2-4 lines of text and 1-2 images.


“Less is more” can be a hardsell for some, but plenty of research bears out the value of that old design adage. For example:


  • In one report studying the consumer decision-making process, researchers Etyam et al. (2017) found that simple designs following the guidelines mentioned above were “easiest to use,” lessening the cognitive burden on the viewer and making audiences more receptive to sign messages.
  • One study by the Interdisciplinary Journal of Signage and Wayfinding noted how “less complex stimuli are generally easier to process, resulting in higher fluency” (Knuth et al., 2020, p. 8).
  • One study by the Journal of Retailing found that window graphics with “lower complexity” made the advertiser more attractive in the eyes of the reader (Orth & Crouch, 2014).

If you need help pairing your message or design down to the most impactful parts, our window graphic team can help.

2.   Place Your Window Graphics At Eye-level With Your Target Audience

Most people aren’t scanning their surroundings for signage outside of wayfinding contexts, so if you want your business messaging to be read, you need to make it effortless by placing your window graphics in your audience’s field of view. This usually means placing them at eye-level, since most of your audience will be very close to your messaging. However, if you are advertising to passing drivers or using big window graphics intended to be viewed from a distance, you’ll have a bit more leeway.

Level-Up Your Window Graphics: 4 Simple Things You Can Do to Stand Out

Stop by and visit ANYTIME FITNESS on Pin Oak Road in Katy,
we recently updated all of their window graphics!

3.   Use Eye-Catching Finishes To Get More Impressions

Window graphics come in all sorts of different finishes, from shimmering metallics to eye-catching frosted effects, which simulate the appearance of etched glass.

Level-Up Your Window Graphics: 4 Simple Things You Can Do to Stand Out

Check out this frosted finish we completed for Barre Room Pilates!


Incorporating one of these finishes into your window graphics can greatly increase your visibility without drastically changing your design. For example, one study by Color Research & Application noted how metallic finishes create “a unique appearance of glossiness,” which creates conspicuous contrast and reflections that make your window graphics “very attractive to humans” (Tanaka & Horiuchi, 2018, p. 697).


To explore our full selection of window graphic finishes, get in touch with our team!

4.   Create A Visual Hierarchy To Emphasize Your Main Message

The best designers spend extra time arranging textual and graphic elements to show readers their order of importance. This technique, which is known as “creating a visual hierarchy,” improves your window graphics’ scannability, which makes them more inviting to onlookers and ensures your main message comes through.

Along with prominent positioning, you can make your main message stand out by:

  • Writing key points in distinct fonts
  • Enlarging important images or key words
  • Adding “attention-getting devices,” like underlines, circles, borders, or arrows pointing towards key words
  • Writing your main message in a different color

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