Let Wall Graphics Inspire And Brand Our Houston Business

Let Wall Graphics Inspire And Brand Our Houston Business

Let Wall Graphics Inspire And Brand Our Houston Business

Both interior and exterior walls are excellent places to install graphics and signage, but what kinds of wall graphics can benefit your Houston business?

Wall Graphics Can Achieve Many Goals.

Businesses in the Houston area of Texas benefit from wall graphics in numerous ways. Some use wall graphics aimed at customers and clients while others direct their wall graphics to their own staff. Wall graphics can achieve goals such as:

·       Identifying and promoting businesses

·       Branding interior or exterior spaces

·       Providing wayfinding and identifying information (e.g., restrooms, reception desks, etc.)

·       Motivating staff and promoting team unity

·       Advertising specific products or product lines

·       Greeting guests and patrons and creating a welcoming environment

·       Creating an environment that is on-brand with your business’s aesthetic


The Wall Graphic Options For Your Houston-Area Business

Technically, any graphic installed on a wall can be categorized as a wall graphic. Because wall graphics represent such a wide collection, you have a lot of options. Here are some of your wall graphic options:

  • Vinyl Lettering
    Vinyl is a popular material for wall graphics. It’s inexpensive but it doesn’t look cheap, and it’s durable and easy to install. At Houston Graphic Signs, we only use high-quality vinyl and adhesive, so it won’t damage your wall. Vinyl is easy to cut into lettering, but it can be used for more intricate graphics, too, such as logos and images.
  • 3D Sign Lettering
    3D sign lettering is great for either interior or exterior use. 3D signs stand out better because they are more substantial than two-dimensional signs. You can use 3D letters to spell the name of your business, to indicate the checkout or reception area inside, or advertise products or brands. If you want to illuminate your 3D sign, consider channel letters.
  • Digitally Printed Canvas
    Digitally printed  canvas is great for setting the right tone. You want to create an ambience that is memorable and authentic to your brand. Digitally printed canvas can achieve this. For example, if you manage a Lebanese restaurant in Sugar Land, using  canvas with digitally printed images of Beirut or other Lebanese scenes can give your guests an authentically Lebanese experience.
  • Wall Murals
    Wall murals are also great for creating an atmosphere, and this can be for the benefit of patrons or staff. For example, a pediatrician in Stafford can install a fun and colorful wall mural that entertains and calms kids. Or an office in Westchase can install a wall mural to motivate staff and build team unity.

Work With Houston Graphic Signs For All Your Wall Graphic Needs.

Houston Graphic Signs is a sign company in Houston, TX, and we make all the wall graphics mentioned in this article. Please contact us to learn more.


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