Your Fleet Graphic Options

Your Fleet Graphic Options

Your Fleet Graphic Options

Fleet graphics turn work vehicles into mobile billboards that promote their business everywhere they drive. Here are your fleet graphic options.

The Benefits Of Fleet Graphics

If you own a work fleet, you probably spend a lot of time in it. Maybe you’re commuting from jobsite to jobsite all over the Houston area of Texas, or maybe you’re driving around looking for fares to pick up, or maybe your work fleets are rental vehicles and your customers drive them around. No matter what your business does, there are significant advantages to branding your vehicles with graphics.


Vehicle graphics act as roving advertisements that thousands of people might see every day. If you’re going to be driving around all day anyway, then vehicle graphics are simply the most cost-effective form of advertising available to you. Furthermore, these graphics make your vehicle(s) instantly identifiable, so your clients will know it’s you as soon as you arrive. Graphics can also make your vehicles look more professional and successful, especially if you have a fleet of vehicles with identical graphics.

Vehicle Graphic Options

Not all vehicle graphics are the same. You have different options with how you choose to brand and stylize your vehicle. Some of your vehicle graphic options include:

Vehicle Decals

Decals are relatively small vehicle graphics. They’re usually made of vinyl and they’re great for displaying the name of your business, a logo, and/or a slogan. You can also use decals to display contact information, such as a telephone number or website address. At Houston Graphic Signs, we only use high-quality vinyl and adhesives that are sure not to damage your vehicle’s finish.

Vehicle magnets

Magnets are a similar size as most decals and they can serve much the same function. The difference is that you can remove and reposition your vehicle magnet at will. If you want to take your graphics off when you’re off the job, a magnet is a great option.

Vehicle Wraps

Wraps are large-scale graphics that appear on multiple sides of your vehicle, thus wrapping around it. Wraps are striking and unmissable. They’re great for showing large images, graphics, and logos.

Perforated Window Graphics

The trouble many have with wraps is that they are interrupted by windows. But this doesn’t have to be the case. By using many small perforations, you can create a two-way effect with your graphics. Inside your vehicle, you’ll still be able to see out your side and rear windows, but from outside your vehicle, all people see is a solid graphic.

Work With Houston Graphic Signs For All Your Vehicle Graphic Needs.

Houston Graphic Signs is a sign company in Houston, TX, and we make all the vehicle graphics mentioned in this article. Please contact us to learn more.


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