Step Up Your Advertising Strategy With Custom Channel Letters In Houston, TX

Step Up Your Advertising Strategy With Custom Channel Letters In Houston, TX

Step Up Your Advertising Strategy with Custom Channel Letters in Houston, TX

Nowadays, Houston’s advertising environment is more competitive than ever. Not only has the number of storefront signs grown over the years; today’s consumers are being bombarded by marketing messages from all angles—on the roadway, on radio waves, and right in the palm of their hands, every time they check their mobile phones.


All businesses need help being seen in these competitive signscapes, and whether you’re located on a busy street or inside one of Houston’s major shopping centers, custom channel letters spell success.


Today’s post spotlights 4 ways these popular illuminated storefront signs help businesses catch eyes and convert, then explains how easy it is to order in Houston, TX.


Read on to learn why custom channel letters might be right for your business, or call (713)-244-8704 to step up your advertising strategy today.


4 Ways Custom Channel Letters Help Houston Businesses Stand Out

1.    LIGHT: Outshine The Competition With Custom Channel Letters

Light attracts the eye, and, when used properly, it can give your main messaging an edge in competitive signscapes.


Because they are internally illuminated, custom channel letters rank among the most conspicuous and legible sign solutions on the market.


Plenty of research bears this out. For example, in a 2017 experiment by the Lighting Research & Technology Journal, internally illuminated signs consistently outperformed their unlit counterparts in measures of daily impressions, legibility, and attentional focus, especially when advertising to passing drivers at night (Lasauskaite & Reisinger, 2017).


Our custom channel letters come in a variety of different energy-efficient lighting options, all of which can be customized to your liking.

2.    HEIGHT: Elevate Your Message With Custom Channel Letters

Over 60% of respondents to the American Shopper Study said they had recently failed to find a business they intended to visit, and many of these wayfinding failures boiled down to basic sign obstructions by passing cars and pedestrians.


But with custom channel letters, you’ll never have to worry about obstructions again, since they can be installed up high, where they won’t clutter up your retail space or get blocked by crowds of happy customers.

3.    SIZE: Supersize Your Message With Custom Channel Letters

When you want to stand out in a crowded signscape, size matters. In fact, in one study for the Interdisciplinary Journal of Signage and Wayfinding, message size was found to be one of the main predictors of high legibility scores and daily impression counts (Bullough, 2017).


Custom channel letters can be built for small retail spaces, or as supersized messages to stand out, maximize legibility distance, and suggest a degree of prominence or importance.

4.    DESIGN: Impress Your Audiences With Custom Channel Letters

There’s a reason custom channel letter signs are used by most successful franchises and big businesses. They are impressive, representing your brand with precise machining, inspired illumination, and high-quality materials, and they are authoritative, having been associated with established companies in the minds of consumers for years.


Using custom channel letters, you can instantly convey that same level of confidence and brand authority for your new company and prime audiences for positive first impressions.


Order Custom Channel Letters: Get A Free Quote In Houston, TX

Coordinating custom channel letter orders requires expertise in manufacturing, electrification, permitting, design, and installation, and you’ll find it all at our shop in Houston, TX.


To get a quote on any custom channel letter sign order, you can:



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