How To Get The Most Out Of Your Pole Sign In The Houston Area

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Pole Sign In The Houston Area

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Pole Sign In The Houston Area

Pole signs are effective, large-scale, outdoor signs. Many businesses in the Houston area of Texas have seen an uptick in business after installing a pole sign on their property.

A Pole Sign Can Help Boost The Visibility Of Just About Any Business In The Houston, TX, Area. But Some Businesses Stand To Benefit More Than Others.

One job of all large outdoor signs is to increase the visibility of a business. Some signs do this with a monument sign, but monument signs are rarely very tall. Roof signs are quite high up, but not every roof is adequate to have a sign installed on it. Nor does every business/building owner care to have a large sign installed on their roof.

Pole Signs Feature A Large Sign Panel Installed On Top Of A Long Pole.

By reaching high into the sky, a pole sign increases a business’s visibility in all directions (the sign panel of a pole sign should always be double-sided). Pole signs can reach 60 feet into the air, so they can be seen by motorists and pedestrians from quite a distance away. Pole signs are also great because they elevate your business, literally; pole signs can be seen above other obstructions in the immediate environment.


For example, a quick-service restaurant off of Interstate I-10 in Katy, just outside of Houston, might find that commuters coming in and out of the city are not stopping in for a bite to eat but are merely driving right past them, because they don’t notice the restaurant. By installing a pole sign, this Katy restaurant can expect to increase business. People will notice their business, often from quite far away, and will consider pulling off the highway to pick up some food.

Pole Signs Are Largely Effective Due To Their Height And Size. But These Are Not The Only Important Factors.

The imagined Katy restaurant above can have the highest pole with the largest sign panel on it, but these alone are no guarantee of increased business. The sheer size of such a pole sign would generate many impressions, but you want to ensure that your pole sign generates a positive impression. Attractive, on-brand design is key. If you manage such a business in Katy, or elsewhere in the Houston area, you need to consult a sign expert at a local sign company. Both to ensure you have the best design possible and to check that you can get permission from the local Katy, Houston, or other municipal government to install such a large pole sign.


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