How Do Channel Letters Compare To The Alternatives?

How Do Channel Letters Compare To The Alternatives?

How Do Channel Letters Compare To The Alternatives?

Channel letters are powerful and effective visual tools. But they’re hardly the only option for Houston-area businesses. How do channel letters compare to other options?

What Are Channel Letters?

Channel letters are individually crafted, illuminated, three-dimensional letters are made out of metal and plastic. These signs use a “channel” to connect all the letters together to create one cohesive sign. The channel can also be used as an electrical raceway to hide the electrical components.

Channel Letters Vs. 3D Lettering

Channel letters and 3D lettering (also called dimensional letters) are the same in all ways but one: 3D lettering is not typically illuminated. While illumination does cost a bit more in installation, energy, and the likelihood of maintenance and repairs, it is often worth it. Because they are illuminated, channel letters have a greater range of visibility than 3D lettering of the same size and channel letters are more visible at night. If you want to brand an interior space or identify a non-commercial building (or a business that’s not open at night), then 3D lettering might be preferable. Otherwise, channel letters might be the better option.

Channel Letters Vs. Cabinet Signs

Both channel letter and cabinet signs are illuminated, so there’s no advantage there. In a cabinet (or box) sign, the light fixture is located within the cabinet and projects through the sign panel. Cabinet signs are better if you want to display a logo, graphic, or image. If, however, you’re more preoccupied with displaying text, then channel letters are the better choice.

Channel Letters Vs. LED Signs

Channel letter signs are actually a type of LED sign. LEDs are one of several options you have to illuminate a sign, but they happen to be the most energy efficient and the longest-lasting. However, an LED sign could also be a panel of many LEDs that light up in different colors and sequences. These LED signs are better to display different messages and to mimic movement. Such an LED sign would likely generate more impressions than a channel letter sign, but it’s not necessary if you’re only looking for a sign to identify your business.

Channel Letters Vs. ???

You have myriad other options when it comes to the signage for your Houston-area business. At Houston Graphic Signs, we’d be happy to sit down with you and go over all your options.

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