Electronic Digital Message Boards Will Light Up Your Business

Electronic Digital Message Boards Will Light Up Your Business

Electronic Digital Message Boards Will Light Up Your Business

So much of running a successful business in a competitive market such as Houston is about getting noticed. An electronic digital message board is a great way to convey information and grab people’s attention.

What Are Electronic Digital Message Boards?

Electronic digital message boards are a type of illuminated sign. An illuminated sign is any sign that is lighted. That includes a pole sign that’s lit up outside a restaurant off I-69 in Sugar Land, channel letters outside a retail store in Katy, or a cabinet sign in a business in uptown Houston. But those are all traditionally simple signs. They rarely display any information other than the name of a business, its logo, and possibly its slogan. Electronic digital message boards can convey a lot more information than that.


When you think of a “message board” you might think of an online forum. Or, if you’re old school, you think of a bulletin board in a community center. Either way, you think of something that can display a lot of information. And electronic digital message boards are similar. They cycle through different “pages” showing different information. As such, they can say a lot more than the name of your Sugar Land or  Katy business.

What Kinds Of Messages Can You Display With A Digital Board?

You can display pretty much any information you want. In places like airports and train stations, digital message boards are very handy to display arrival and departure times, etc. The same is true at government buildings, such as the DMV. But what about at private businesses in Houston? How can they use electronic digital message boards?


One of the most common uses is at restaurants, specifically quick service restaurants. Electronic digital message boards can cycle through different menu items and display special or sale items prominently. These can be installed inside your business, such as above the checkout counter, or even in the front window, so you can entice people inside. Electronic digital message boards can also be used to advertise products in retail stores, to display services in salons, spas, and barbershops, or for a number of other reasons in other businesses.

How Do Electronic Digital Message Boards Work?

Because they are digitally programmed, these boards are easy to use. Any time you want to display new information, just reprogram it. This can save you money as you don’t need to buy a new sign every time. Digital message boards usually use LEDs to light them up as they are efficient, long-lasting, and attractive.

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