Effortless LED Sign Replacement: Go Pro For Easy Permitting And Code Compliance

Effortless LED Sign Replacement: Go Pro For Easy Permitting And Code Compliance

Effortless LED Sign Replacement: Go Pro for Easy Permitting and Code Compliance

Today’s post reviews research on the cost-effectiveness of LED signs, then explains how the team at Houston Graphic Signs can streamline your order with full-service support.


Read on to learn more, or call (713)-244-8704 to speak directly with an LED sign specialist near you in Houston, TX.

LED Signs Makes Sense (And Dollars) For Your Business

When you want to light up your brand image and stand out from Houston’s busy signscape, LED signs are the smart choice, providing superior conspicuity, legibility, and cost-efficient.


And you don’t have to take our word for it—the superiority of LED sign solutions is borne out in multiple sign studies. Here’s why a few reasons why sign researchers agree that LED signs are #1:


1. LED signs are more legible at longer distances. In one study by the United States Sign Council Foundation, Garvey et al. (2009) found that LED signs had better “recognition distances at night” compared to other forms of illumination. Long-range legibility translates to better branding and more successful conversions, as drivers have more time to consider your marketing message and plan to pull over.


2. LED signs are easier to read at night time—Compared to neon signs, incandescents, and externally-illuminated signs, internally illuminated LED signs were 40-60% easier for viewers to read in night time road tests (Garvey & Kuhn, 2011).


3. LED signs cost less to run—In sustainable marketing studies commissioned by Manufacturing Climate Solutions, researchers Gereffi et al. (2008) reported that LEDs are approximately 10-times more efficient than incandescent lights and 5-times more efficient than neon signs. LED signs also outlast both of these lighting alternatives, which means you’ll save money on replacement bulbs over the service life of your sign.

Effortless LED Sign Replacement: Go Pro And Stress Less In Houston, TX

If you live in Houston, TX or any of the surrounding communities, you’ve got nothing to worry about. The team at Houston Graphic Signs has helped numerous local businesses effortlessly replace their lighted sign systems, and we can do the same for you.


As one of Houston’s one-stop LED sign shops, we’re proud to carry all of the most popular LED sign options under one roof, and everything is easily customizable with the support of our in-house LED sign manufacturers and graphic designers. Each sign is custom made, taking in consideration your landlord requirements, sign permitting restrictions and branding guidelines. With HGS you get great results, along with the option for professional sign delivery, installation, and permitting support.

Effortless LED Sign Replacement: Go Pro for Easy Permitting and Code Compliance

There’s no such thing as “too tall a task” at Houston Graphic Signs! We provide full support with installation and permitting.


Here again, you don’t have to take our word for it—we’ve got a 5-star Google rating, dozens of reviews, and an impressive LED sign gallery of jobs to explore. For example, take a look at this recent LED sign replacement we completed for Oak St. Health here in Houston, TX. Oak St.  updated their name with a new look:

Effortless LED Sign Replacement: Go Pro for Easy Permitting and Code Compliance

LED signs are a great way to put your name in lights and guarantee great visibility by day or by night!

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