Can A Pylon Sign Increase Revenue For Your Houston-Area Business?

Can A Pylon Sign Increase Revenue For Your Houston-Area Business?

Can a Pylon Sign Increase Revenue for Your Houston-Area Business?

Can a pylon sign increase revenue for your Houston-area business?. Let’s define what a pylon sign is, what it is used for and how it can increase your revenue.

What Is A Pylon Sign?

This article will only be helpful if we’re all on the same page. And there are probably a lot of people reading right know who aren’t sure what a pylon sign is. So, what’s a pylon sign? It’s a large, outdoor sign that’s used to identify businesses. A pylon sign is comprised of two principal components: a base and a sign panel. The base is often made of concrete, brick, or wood. The panel can be metal, hard plastic, high-density urethane, wood, or some combination of different materials.

What Are Pylon Signs Used For?

Pylon signs are useful for Houston-area businesses that have something in between them and the nearest road or highway. This could be parking lot or a lawn. Being far away from the road means people are likely to zip right past without even noticing you. With a large pylon sign installed close to the road, this is less likely to happen. This is the same principal behind the utility of a monument sign. But while monument signs tend to be short and wide, pylon signs are usually taller than they are wide. And then there’s a tenant sign. A tenant sign is kind of pylon sign that lists the names of multiple businesses on a single property, so if you manage a strip mall in Missouri City, for example, you can help all your commercial renters with a tenant sign.

How Can Pylon Signs Increase Revenue?

Pylon signs can boost revenue by bringing in more customers. Pylon signs can accomplish this in one of three ways. First, if somebody is looking for your business, they might not be able to find it if you don’t have a pylon sign. With a pylon sign, they will notice it right away. Second, people who just happen to be driving by will notice your pylon sign and might be enticed to come inside. Think of a fast-food restaurant off of I-69; you may not have thought you  were hungry until you drove past that pylon sign noticing a restaurant Lastly, it’s never a bad move to increase your branding footprint by putting a sign out there with a well-designed name and logo.

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