Contact Houston Graphic Signs To Get The Perfect Lobby Signage For Your Business

Contact Houston Graphic Signs To Get The Perfect Lobby Signage For Your Business

Contact Houston Graphic Signs to get the Perfect Lobby Signage for Your Business

Lobby signage can play a crucial role in the efficiency of a lobby as well as help you capitalize on all the promotional opportunities a lobby provides. Here’s what you should know about lobby signage.

Lobby Signage Is Important Because Lobbies Are Important.

Whether you manage a hotel in Midtown Houston, an office building in Sugar Land, or a dental office in Mission Bend, any business or property with a lobby must take its lobby seriously. Often, the lobby is the first part of your business or building that a person will see. This makes your lobby kind of like a first impression: an intangible greeting or a metaphorical handshake. And because you never get a second chance at a first impression, the look and layout of your lobby is really important. This is true of everything in your lobby from the furniture to the paint on the walls, but it is especially true of signage. Lobby signage is important for branding and promotional reasons, for aesthetic reasons, and for functional reasons.

How Can You Use Lobby Signage To Get The Most Out Of Your Lobby?

Lobby signage is important because the information it is conveying is important. People need to know they’ve entered the right Houston hotel, the right Sugar Land office building, or the right Mission Bend dental office and a sign identifying and promoting your business inside your lobby will communicate that to people instantly. But the appearance of your lobby signage is also important.


You want your lobby signage to be made of high-quality materials and to be easy to read. In fairness, this is true of all your signage, but lobby signage should also convey aspects of your brand’s qualities and values. A good sign designer knows how to design a lobby sign that subtlety communicates these qualities and values using the right materials, fonts, color scheme, and more. And don’t forget, whatever your lobby signage looks like, it should comply with all federal and Texas state ADA laws to avoid your business receiving a fine.

What Are Your Options For Lobby Signage?

You can use a variety of different types of signs in your lobby. Some popular choices for lobby signage include:

Contact Houston Graphic Signs To Get High-Quality Lobby Signage.

We are an experienced and professional sign company in Houston, TX. We can design, manufacture, and install lobby signage for clients in Sugar Land, Mission Bend, and all over the Houston area of Texas. To learn more, please contact us via our website or call 713-244-8704.


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