Save More, Stress Less: Work With A Signage Specialist In Houston, TX For Your Sign Replacement

Save More, Stress Less: Work With A Signage Specialist In Houston, TX For Your Sign Replacement

Is your sign system falling out of shape? Whether age, weather, or wear-and-tear are to blame, your brand image needs a boost, and our signage specialists are standing by to help.


In fact, we just recently completed a sign replacement for Vistas High School Program in Houston, TX. As you can see here, the sign was aged and discolored, and the other side (not pictured) was completely broken, either due to vandalism or a serious storm:


Save More, Stress Less: Work with a Signage Specialist in Houston, TX for your Sign Replacement

Although the sign was not terribly dilapidated, it had begun to age, due to the elements of being outside. The plastic material had begun to yellow and discolor from it’s original white.


With one quick phone call, the client contacted our signage specialists and set their plan for a sign replacement (and upgrade) into motion. We finished the job on-time and on-budget, and we think the end results speak for themselves:

Save More, Stress Less: Work with a Signage Specialist in Houston, TX for your Sign Replacement

Not only did we revitalize the sign face and repair the broken side entirely, but the client also opted to upgrade their aesthetic with bigger, bolder, more richly saturated lettering, and a sharper, more conspicuously colorized version of their viking. We also took the opportunity to make sure their light box was in good working condition.


It only took one phone call to set our signage specialist in motion, and that’s all it will take for your sign replacement, too!


But don’t take our word for it—read on to learn how our signage specialists help our clients save more and stress less with full-service sign replacement solutions in Houston, TX, or call (713)-244-8704 to contact our shop directly.

Work With A Local Signage Specialist: Save More On Sign Replacement

When you partner with a signage specialist in Houston, project costs plummet, thanks to:


  • One-stop savings. The value of the one-stop shop has been known since this business model first originated in the 1920s, allowing customers to save time and money by sourcing everything they need under one roof. And that’s exactly what our signage specialists have to offer.We provide full support with every step of your sign replacement, moving your order seamlessly through design and production, then delivering and installing your sign as soon as it’s ready. We can also help with permitting and sign code compliance. By rolling 5+ sign services into one, you not only save time and money that would otherwise be spent hiring and managing multiple shops, but you also maximize your opportunities for bundling discounts.
  • Expansive sign selection. We can customize any sign, as well as offer a selection of budget-friendly material substitutions.
  • Reduced costs of quality. The term “costs of quality” (COQ) refers to the total amount of time and money you have to spend “ensuring high-quality deliverables,” as well as the total costs incurred as a result of “imperfect deliverables.” When you choose us for your sign replacement, we promise to give your our best.”

Work With A Local Signage Specialist: Stress Less About Sign Replacement

Nowadays, far too many sign replacements fall victim to project bloat, lengthy delays, unexpected remediation costs, and imperfect results. And that is unacceptable.


At Houston Graphic Signs, we believe sign replacement should be easy, exciting, and enjoyable—after all, it’s an opportunity to try out a new look, to reintroduce yourself to local audiences, and, more often than not, to save money!


To simplify your sign replacement and make the process as fun, easy, and stress-free as possible, we offer:


  • Full control from a single point of contact. Need an update on your order? Considering a last-minute design modification? Whatever the case may be, it only takes a single phone call to your signage specialist to set your new plan in motion. In contrast, when you work with multiple shops at once, you might need to spend all day making calls, briefing new team members during project handovers, and ironing out any miscommunications.
  • Perfect sign cohesion—Even high-quality sign replacements can work against your branding if they fail to match the color and style of your existing materials. Our signage specialists use a sophisticated spectrophotometer device to measure and match the colors of your original sign, and our wide selection of replacement materials and parts minimizes the risk of mismatches.
  • Using local—As global supply chains continue to feel the impacts of the pandemic, long-distance deliveries remain at risk of delays. But when you work with our signage specialist, you can stress less—with sign products, materials, and hardware close by to minimize the need for out-of-town deliveries.
  • Sign permitting—Just as your original sign order was required to meet the standards stipulated in your local sign code and/or landlord agreement, so too must your sign replacement comply. Our signage specialists are experts in all relevant sign codes, including your local ordinances as well as ADA and OSHA standards, so you never have to worry about sign fines or extra remediation costs.

Free Quote On Sign Replacement: Consult With Signage Specialists In Houston, TX

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