Benefits Of High-Quality Custom Front-Lit Channel Letters For Storefronts

Benefits Of High-Quality Custom Front-Lit Channel Letters For Storefronts

Benefits Of High-Quality Custom Front-Lit Channel Letters For Storefronts

Channel letters have a pretty simple appearance; after all, they’re just letters. But a channel letter sign is one of the most effective and professional ways to identify and promote your Houston-area store.

“What Are Channel Letters And Why Should I Use Them On My Houston Storefront?”

Channel letters are a type of letter signage. You can use channel letters to spell out the name of your Houston-area business as well as a slogan or even just “Welcome”. Channel letters are three-dimensional, they don’t exist on sign panel but rather are cut and constructed to be singular objects with depth. Channel letters are held in place and mounted to storefronts via a mounting structure.


The two main types of mounting structure are raceways and wireways. Raceways mount channel letters while housing all the electrical components of the sign. Wireways are thinner because they only contain the wiring. The reason that channel letters need wiring and electrical components is because they are illuminated. Lighted signs generate more impressions than non-lighted signs because they have a greater range of visibility, they can outcompete other visual stimuli, and they can be seen at night and during overcast and rainy days. Three-dimensional letters that are not lit are usually called “dimensional letters”.

“Why Should My Storefront Channel Letters Be Front-Lit?”

Front-lighting your channel letters allows for more options and versatility. Backlighting can be nice because it can make it seem like the sign is coming towards you, such as with cabinet signs. But because channel letters are not one solid-mass, you would have to backlight each individual letter, which is difficult. Using front-lit channel letters gives you a variety of options to choose from to create a unique look that reflects your Houston-area business’s unique qualities.

“How Do I Customize The Front-Lit Channel Letter Sign For My Storefront?”

In a sense, all storefront channel letter signs are customized because they all spell out the names of different businesses. But the customization goes beyond that. The font you choose for your channel letters is important. Different fonts can convey different qualities. A Westchase personal software services business needs to use a font that conveys professionalism, reliability, and trustworthiness for the channel letters on its storefront. A Missouri City pet store, on the other hand, probably wants a font that communicates fun, excitement, and familial love. This is why you need to work with local sign designers who are knowledgeable and skillful in the art of font customization.

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